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Hitomi no Screen goes PLATINUM!!!

The May episodes of Shonen Club were recorded yesterday, and while we seem to get fewer Hey!Say!JUMP members this time (only three of them: Yuto, Takaki and Daiki) there will still be more Hey!Say!JUMP music-wise.

The first opening will be a Hey!Say!JUMP medley (Ultra Music Power, Jounetsu JUMP, Dreams come true, Your Seed, Oretachi no seishun), the ending song will be Yume Iro. The second opening will be Yuuki100%, there will be another HSJ medley (with a drum solo by Yuto, a dance solo by Daiki, and Takaki’s solo song Kumo no ito, as well as Hitomi no screen), and the JUMPing Paradise segment will be called Hey!Say!Ranking 10 with today’s topic being “Who in Hey!Say!JUMP owns the largest amount of sneakers?” ( wtf). If you can’t wait until next month to find out who the Imelda Marcos of Hey!Say!JUMP is you can find a spoiler over here. Other performances include Ima sugu ni by B.I.Shadow, a Morimoto Shintaro medley (Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made, Bitter Moon, can we have something new for Shin-chan one of these days please? Thank you.), as well as performances by A.B.C.-Z, Butoukan and a medley by special guest Taguchi Junnosuke. So yeah. For more details check here.

In other news, unofficial rumour has it that NYC’s Yuuki100% sold a total of 92,330 copies in the first week, which is incidentally exactly within the 90~95k range I predicted on April 8th. Their appearance on Music Station at the end of this week will push them over the 100k mark for a Gold certification. That makes me happy. But it also makes me happy that NYC sold less than half of what Hey!Say!JUMP sold with Hitomo no Screen in the first week, and I hope that Mr Johnny-san will have a very close look at those figures and act accordingly.

Speaking of Hey!Say!JUMP and Hitomi no Screen, they took another baby step towards the 250k mark in week 7 with 1,736 copies sold for a total of now 246,331. What’s even more exciting, however, is the fact that Hitomo no Screen is only 2,693 copies away from becoming Hey!Say!JUMPs 3rd most successful single ever. That spot is currently being held by Dreams come true (249,024).

Hey!Say!JUMP - Hitomi no ScreenHey!Say!JUMP Single Sales

  1. Ultra Music Power 340,070
  2. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy ~266,000
  3. Dreams come true 249,024
  4. Hitomi no Screen 246,331 (still charting)
  5. Your Seed / Bouken Rider 208,113

HOWEVER… when I looked at these figures just now something struck me as weird and somehow not right. I seemed to remember that the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) awarded Dreams come true a Platinum certification in 2008, even though it obviously never passed the 250k mark according to Oricon. The most likely explanation for that is that Oricon is obviously not the measure of all things, and that the RIAJ count CD sales in a different and dare I say more accurate way than Oricon does.

Then I did some more research and guess what, Hitomi no Screen already went Platinum, and nobody noticed it. What’sですよ! So that means after Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Mayonaka no Shadow Boy Hitomi no Screen is now officially Hey!Say!JUMP’s 4th Platinum single!

Congratulations Hey!Say!JUMP! Five consecutive #1 singles, four Platinum and one Gold, is quite an awesome achievement. Somebody should be proud.

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