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Hey!Say!JUMP 1st aLbum "Jump No. 1"

Finally date of release of the album Hey!Say!JUMP already determined which were on 7 July 2010 under the name of the album Jump No.1

according to news circulating. songs on the album contains 17 tracks

These 7 songs from the 17 songs are:
- Ultra Music Power
- Dreams Come True
- Your Seed
- Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
- Hitomi no Screen
- Jounetsu JUMP
- Memories

Scan : MyoJo and Popolo JuLy 2010

This link to download the scanned magazine Myojo and Popolo July 2010

[Scans] Popolo July 2010
. Rar: www.mediafire.com/?5yzlxnvrndk
. Zip: www.mediafire.com/?5yzlxnvrndk

[Scans] Myojo July 2010
. Rar: www.mediafire.com/?dyt2m3yntmj
. Zip: www.mediafire.com/?wgn2taizj2w

Happy Downloading

I want to say congratulate for ...

Arashi who ranks first with the song "Monster" ....
The third rank was occupied by Kattun with song "Going" ....

on the Oricon Jpop ....

once again I say congratulations to both of boyband Johnny's Jimusho.....

TransLate MyoJo July 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke NYC"

Yamada Ryosuke

I want to become a ninja and play with animals

When I was little, my friends and I made a secret hideout in a deserted field. We even hid money there! There was a, “Pay 10yen 10 cents to enter” rule so there obviously was money in the hideout. When the money hit a certain point, we would go out and buy candy. But one day when we went back, there was a sign that said, “This is a town with civilians. Please remove this building.” The hideout became so huge that the neighbors thought that there was somebody living there (laughs). When there were tornadoes, it didn’t collapse so it was pretty sturdy! We would buy waterproof sheets to cover the hideout so that it wouldn’t get wet. We did write, “Secret Hideout” in front of it, but I guess the adults never saw that…

I love watching this TV show called, “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen” and I watch it every week. If I were to become a ninja, I would ninja into the studio and watch the animals live! There was one time when I was guest, and that time I cuddled a sloth and it was really fun. Ninjas might actually not be bad people Ah, but if it’s possible, I would rather appear as “Yamada Ryosuke” on the show (laughs).

My admired talent is archery! … it’s a joke, but I would want to do it something. At a concert, I would be standing far away and then all of a sudden an arrow comes out of nowhere, wouldn’t that be cool!? For example, Keito has guitar, Yuto-kun has the drums.. everybody has a talent. I’m the only one left! I finally realized that and I want to start something new. But if I were to do it, I would be so happy that I would do it right away and show everybody (laughs).

from : Itsumademo

TransLate Duet June 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke and Morimoto Ryutaro"

Yamada Ryosuke

Q. Things you think are weird that you thought of lately
Why do people go on roller coasters. Why do they have to spend money just to be scared out of their wits!? If people were paying to get scared, I would use that money to eat ramen (serious). I can’t stand those times when you feel like falling, and those loops as well. A lot of roller coasters starts with a slow start right? I hate that part when it gets slower and slower to gather suspense. We’re gonna fall, so let’s just get this over with (laughs).

Q. Out-of-body experience
When I was little, I went to use the bathroom in my house and the lamp on the door was on. I thought my dad was using it, so I was waiting for a long time but nobody would come out. During that time, my sister had wanted to use the bathroom as well. I said to the bathroom door, “Are you done?” and they said, “not yet!” Both of us went to mom and said, “Dad won’t get out of the bathroom!” and she says, “What? Dad’s at work”… We hurriedly went back to the bathroom and opened the door to find that nobody was there. I wonder who had responded to us back then…

Q. Times when you think, “Are you human!?” Idk lol
When I listen to people seriously talking, I had this habit of chewing on ice. I have a feeling that if I move my jaws, then my brain will work faster. But then again, I do like ice too (laughs).

Q. Ways to spend the day off
I watch the shows I have recorded on TV. I was watching anime, and I got interested in doing voice overs. Since you’re just using your voice, you can become a robot or an animal, not just a human role.

Q. (From Takaki): Why do you keep on eating dessert even after you say, “I’m so full!”
Because didn’t you know? I have a different stomach for desserts (laughs).

Morimoto Ryutaro

Q. Things you think are weird that you thought of lately
Why is it that it’s more expensive to ride the bus as you go farther? I’m not satisfied with it. (Chinen, who was sitting next to him says, “The bus in the city has a flat rate. Within the 23 different districts, the fee is all the same .”) … (slumps) I never knew that…!

Q. Out-of-body experience
This happened about 7 or 8 years ago and there was this time when I heard this bell in the middle of the night and I woke up. I was sleeping soundly in my bed, and I woke up to the sound of bells. (Little brother) Shintaro, who was sleeping in the same room as me, also heard it. We looked out our windows to see if there was something there, but there wasn’t. The next morning, there were presents in the room. It was Christmas then. Maybe those bells belonged to Santa Claus!?

Q. Times when you think, “Are you human!?”
I thought of something that doesn’t seem human like. For example, at a noodle shop if I hear the word “Raccoon”, you would normally think of udon or soba, but I would think of the animal “raccoon” something like that. Raccons are often connected with udon/soba for some reason. A lot of the mascots representing the noodle shops in Japan are represented with raccoons.

Q. Ways to spend the day off
Lately, I go to my friends house. I can calm down so much in that person’s living room. I go there as if it’s my house and I sometimes sleep there. I’m friends with that mother and I recently met the father. I played catch ball with the father too. Do you need a home Ryutaro? Come to mine.

Q. (From Yabu): Ryutaro always says, “I’ll do a back flip” or “I’ll run every day so I can get in shape.” But I doubt he does anything he says. That’s how I’m like too, but you shouldn’t say things you aren’t going to do, so why do you say them?
I forget what I say as soon as they come out of my month. But things I say seriously are things I plan to do.

from : Itsumademo

Wink Up June 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke X Arioka Daiki"

Happy Reading....

Yamada Ryosuke x Arioka Daiki

Arioka: In the concert we’re doing now, there’s this corner where Hikaru-kun plays the base, Yuto plays the drums and we dance.

Yamada: We practiced a lot. When it came to do it in front of the audience… the dance was cut short was the staff members (laughs).

Arioka: Yeah. I thought, “It’s probably because we’re attracting too much attention to ourselves. Right. Right.” (laughs). A bunch of things change even during the concert itself, so by the time this magazine comes out, it might change again.

Yamada: I bet a lot of people watching that corner was surprised. I had fun, and the two of them playing the instruments looked cool!

Arioka: Yeah! Hikaru-kun and Yuto looked really cool! Before the corner starts, we have nothing to do so we watch them right.

Yamada: Yeah, yeah. While Keito and Ryutaro says, “That looks so much fun. They look so cute today~” or “The drums are completely different from the dances, they look so cool~” (laughs).

Arioka: After they do that, we both dash out onto the stage… usually.

Yamada: Speaking about back stage, I heard that while we were singing, “Ganbaretsugo” BEST dances along with us in the back stage?

Arioka: Ah, so you heard. We get so hyped it’s ridiculous (laughs).

Yamada: Yabu-kun and those people had said that they were more excited than 7 who were out onto the stage and I thought that was ridiculous (laughs).

Arioka: It is true though.

Yamada: Seriously!? How intense do you guys dance (laughs). I heard that this song really hits Daichan’s spots.

Arioka: Yeah, I love this song. While 7 was having a meeting on what songs to sing, I was coincidentally there. When one of the staff members suggested, “Ganbaretsugo” I barged in and said, “That’s amazing! Please do that song!” even though I had nothing to do with meeting (laughs). Does Yamada have a BEST song you want to sing?

Yamada: Although I’ve done it before, I really like “Thrill”. Also, in our last concert tour, I liked the medly BEST sang, the “Just Wanna lovin you.” Yes, that’s what it says in the scan. Idk. I like it like a stupid fool (laughs). I back danced for you guys then and it was really fun.

Arioka: We’re basically known for that song.

Yamada: I was so excited I drained my energy then (laughs).

Arioka: During the concerts, whenever I see Yamada, you seem to make all the fans happy, even if it’s unconsciously. Even without any music in the background, as soon as Yamada says one sentence, the fans are like, “Kya….” (laughs). Also during Hitomi no Screen’s “I love you.”

Yamada: You know how frigging embarrassing that is!? Try doing that once.

Arioka: I did.

Yamada: Seriously? When?

Arioka: There was my version, Yabukun’s version, and HIkarukun’s version. I had always wanted to do it, but when it came to actually do it… I was so embarrassed (laughs). When I said it, my knees felt as if they were about to buckle. You know that dance move where you move around your finger in front of your eyes? I practically sprained my finger then (laughs). (Yaotome, who was closeby said, “Your face got red as a tomato, and the staff members had to say, “Sorry, can we film it one more time” (laughs).) Arioka: On top of that, after we had finished singing, we did a monitor check in front of everybody (laughs). (Yabu, who was also near, said, “After my “I Love you,” Hikaru was cracking up so much.)
Arioka: Doing it is embarrassing but seeing it for yourself is embarrassing too (laughs). Being able to do that in front of thousands of people at the concert, Yamada, you’re awesome!

Yamada: Right, right!? It’s truly embarrassing, right? After I say that phrase, the area around my heart suddenly becomes itchy (laughs).

Arioka: (Putting his hand on Yamada’s shoulder and says) You’re really awesome! I admire you!

Yamada: …. If you say so (laughs).

Arioka: So we all found out that Yamada tries his hardest and so after he says his phrase “I love you” fans, please make sure you cheer for him (laughs).

Yamada: I’m glad that the fans are cheering for me, but that makes it even more embarrassing! After I say that phrase, my heart might explode (laughs).

from : Itsumademo

MyoJo JuLy 2010 "Hey!Say!7 Part"

White hair is sprinkled!
I wa~nna be like this kind of grandpa
Assuming that 60 years passed, and they grew old completely... what kind of grandpa do they want to become? While fluttering their white hair, they will tell their ideal grandpa!

Happy Reading!!!!! >0<....

A grandpa who plays the drum while in a jersey
Nakajima Yuto
Even if I become a grandpa, I will continue playing drums. Hey, isn't playing the drums a training for good health! Right now I'm fired up playing rock-type intense drumming, but as the years pass by, I assume that I will be playing jazz-type gentle drumming.

A energetic grandpa that precisely scolds the youth
Morimoto Ryutaro
I want to become like my grandpa. He's always nice, but he hates bending. When the room is in a mess, he really scolds. Such intensity is not bad! It's scary, but him being able to properly call attention is cool!
[text in picture means "Hey!"]

A grandpa who is an idol☆ no matter how old he is
Chinen Yuri
Honestly, I cannot imagine me getting married, have kids, or grandchildren. Because I want to always be everyone's "Chii"♥ A lifetime job being an idol is my dream. After 60 years I still dance and sing in concerts, because I want to spend fun times with all of my fans!

A rock and roll grandpa playing the guitar
Keito Okamoto
The English rock band, Rolling Stones' Keith Richards and Mike Jagger are 66 years old, but their hair is long and they're very cool. They really don't feel their age. Me too, I aim to be a rock and roll grandpa!

A mega-glutton! A grandpa who eats alot
Yamada Ryosuke
I will go eat and eat my favorite Yakiniku everyday, because I want to be a gluttonous grandpa! Even now, when I go to the Korean barbecue-cook, I first request Korean seaweed and rice, and while I eat that, the Kalbi is being grilled. I'm hungry so I can't wait for the meat to be cooked (laughs).

from : JUMPしましょうか?

Hidarime Tantei EYE SP Making....

Happy Watching.....


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7


Part 8


Part 9


Part 10


Part 11


Part 12


Part 13


MyoJo May "JUMP's Solo Award"

that's JUMP's Solo Award.....
in Myojo May.....


Test JUMP Awards for everything that ever existed

Who you want to have as a friend.
1. Nakajima Yuto
2. Arioka Daiki
3. Chinen Yuuri.

Yuto says: “Yaay~!! Thank you. I’m really glad I was #1 on this poll. Because, in reality I…. don’t have a lot of friends (cries). I’m joking, jokes. I’m the type who wants to talk to people, so me knowing that people want me as a friend makes me feel so confident. I may even go overboard and talk to everybody I see. In reality, I can easily go out and play with a person who I just met!! So overall, I’m the type who can have fun everywere.”

Who you want as a lover.
1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Chinen Yuuri
3. Nakajima Yuto

Yamada says: “I’ll never let you go if we start dating. Not that I’ll handcuff you or anything, but I have the confidence to keep you as my number one. I can’t believe both men and women who cheat! As for a date, I would want to go somewhere normal, without any of the nervousness. For example, I can take you around my hometown. I usually have no goal whenever I go anywhere so I end up walking around, and I want to do that with you. If I do that with somebody that I like, it’ll definitely be enjoyable

Who seems weak at fighting.
1. Morimoto Ryutaro
2. Inoo Kei
3. Takaki Yuya

Ryutaro says: “Why am I number 1? That’s definitely wrong-. That’s probably just because I’m the youngest, right. Don’t you guys know how much I hate to lose!? Ever since I was little, I’ve been fighting with Shintaro, and although I’m kidding around when I fight with Yamachan, I take it as a training session I’ve been doing karate for 6~7 years now-… Although I forgot most of the moves (laughs). But when I have to whip out the moves, I can!!! In emergencies, I will do whatever! Probably!

Who seems to talk to themselves a lot
1. Yaotome Hikaru
2. Morimoto Ryutaro
3. Nakajima Yuto

Hikaru says: “Eh- seriously!? What is this question, it makes me look so emo. I don’t like it. I don’t even do this!! I never say things to myself. If I don’t meet somebody that day, I’ll usually be quiet for that entire day. Within the members, Yuto speaks to himself a lot. And it’s pretty loud too (laughs). So I’m really worried about him. Sometimes, I thought he was speaking to me, so I would say, “What?” and he would reply, “Nothing. I was just speaking to myself.” (laughs). It’s troubling…

Who would seem like a neat-freak
1. Okamoto Keito
2. Nakajima Yuto
3. Yabu Kota

Keito says: I’m not a neat freak, but I do get annoyed if my room isn’t clean. I don’t like revealing my lifestyle. For example, all my clothes goes into the closet, manga and books in general are hidden away, above all my magazines should be a fancy covering bought from overseas, all labels from air freshners and other things should be peeled off, have some vegetation in the room, there should be a cover for tissues! Something like that. I call that OCD Keito. Friends who come over compliment me about the room. I get really happy, and I start cleaning more (laughs).

1. Morimoto Ryutaro
2. Nakajima Yuto
3. Arioka Daiki

Ryutaro says: Exactly! Even I think I’m the scardy-cat in JUMP (laughs). I’m too scared to go into haunted houses, and I hate horror movies. I don’t understand people who like them! But those scary-yet-funny stories, I can handle. Ah~, but if I hear about a person who saw a scary ghost, I get scared. Yeah, I’m the #1 scardy-cat.

Who would be a senator/government official
1. Inoo Kei
2. Yabu Kota
3. Nakajima Yuto

Inoo says: I won’t become a govt. official. I honestly don’t understand why I was #1 on this (laughs). If I were to become a govt. official…. During the election, there would be posters hung over town that says, “Inoo Kei” right. That’s a bit embarrassing. But since my name is unique, I think it’s easily memorizable and that way, they’ll probably vote for me. That’s a sad way of thinking about it though (laughs). Also, I want to ride those advertisement cars for running govt. officials. In Japan, to “advertise” whoever is running for whatever govt. seat, they will usually get a mini-truck, post their posters on the truck itself and go around town, hook up a microphone to the truck and scream to the people to vote for them. I’ll be waving with a huge smile, I seem like a Jr. at a concert.

Who would seem good at karaoke
1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Yabu Kota
3. Chinen Yuuri

Yamada says: “Yabu-kun’s definitely better at singing than me! Although I do like karaokeing and I go often. But it’s a normal kind of excitement. Meaning… maybe he’s not trying to be a singer while karaoke-ing? I’ll be there around 2 hours, I’ll sing song after song, and I’ll get everybody pumped (laughs). The songs I’ll sing will depend on how I’m feeling that day. There are days when I choose those really upbeat songs, and days when I only sing ballads, but usually there are a lot of times when I sing new songs. Recently I’ve been really busy and I haven’t been able to go karaoke, so I want to go out one day and sing a bunch

Who would seem like a good driver
1. Yabu Kota
2. Takaki Yuya
3. Yamada Ryosuke

Yabu says: I do have a driver’s license so I drive a lot. But I don’t think I’m exceptionally good at driving. I’m really normal at it. I am good at pulling into parking garages! Yay! But when I drive, it gets really fun so I watch out to make sure I don’t speed. I really like that sound the winker makes when you’re turning. Whenever I hear that sound, for some reason, I calm down. I also like sports cars and other cars so I want to drive every car out there.

Who seems to go to the beauty salon/hair dresser the most
1. Takaki Yuya
2. Yamada Ryosuke
3. Okamoto Keito

Takaki says: So it is me who was chosen for this category. I in fact do go to the hair dresser a lot. I want to grow out my hair longer recently, so I only go once every 2 weeks. I really like going to the hair dresser. I like the why they touch my hair, or when they put their hands through my hair. I know exactly what you mean. So, I always want to go. I always ask for the same barberer, and I say to them, “Do whatever you want.” Maybe that shows how often I go there.

Who seems to be strong at rock-paper-scissors
1. Arioka Daiki
2. Chinen Yuuri
3. Okamoto Keito

Arioka says: I never thought I would win in this category, I’m so moved that I’m speechless. I never even dreamt about it. That’s because I’m extremely weak at rock-paper-scissors! Although I don’t know this myself, according to my friends, I always put out paper first. Sometimes, I suggest that I want to play Juice rock-paper-scissors, but even then I lose. I’m not really sure what “juice rock-paper-scissors” is… My friends comes up to me and says, “Let’s play!” and every time, I lose. I wonder why?

Who seems to like sweet things the most
1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Chinen Yuuri
3. Arioka Daiki

Yamada says: I love sweet things. During the recording of “Hidarime Tantei Eye” the drama, there were tons of chocolate there, so in between scenes, I ate so much. I definitely got fatter within those 3 months (laughs)! I cook usually, but sweets are better when they’re bought so I don’t make them. Ah, but this year for Valentine’s Day, my older and little sister gave me a chocolate cake and cookies! It was full of emotion and it tasted amazing!

Who’s toes seems clean
1. Inoo Kei
2. Yabu Kota
3. Inoo Kei

Inoo says: Seriously!? A bunch of people tell me that my fingers on my hands are pretty/clean. But I don’t show my toes to anybody and I don’t even look at them that much so I don’t really understand why I was chosen for this category (weak laugh). I don’t take care of them at all, just cutting the nails. Even then, I only do that during those times when I feel like it. Speaking of which, I have a mole on my right index-toe. It looks as if I drew on my toe with a Sharpie pen. Also, my shoe size is 26.5cm. That ends all the information you have to know about my toes (laughs)!

Who seems to like cosplaying
1. Chinen Yuuri
2. Yamada Ryosuke
3. Nakajima Yuto

Chinen: You guys are all wrong! It’s not me who likes to cosplay, it’s MYOJO! I don’t like it. Because when I cosply, I’m not myself and instead I’m just covering up the cuteness of another character by wearing clothes. I want people to like who I am. Also, I have a feeling when I look back on these magazines, I’ll think, “Oh I did it~”… even now it’s a bit embarrassing (laughs).

Who seems to be good at saving money
1. Yaotome Hikaru
2. Yamada Ryosuke
3. Yabu Kota

Hikaru says: I look like a person who’s good at saving money, huh-. That’s unusual. But I don’t really save money in reality. It’s not that I’m not good at saving money. I only buy things that are completely necessary. For example, instruments, CDs or books. I spend money on things that I like. I don’t think it’s a waste if I have to spend a lot of money to buy a base guitar that I want. But that doesn’t mean I buy everything I want~

Who’s the most stylish
1. Yamada Ryosuke
2. Okamoto Keito
3. Takai Yuya

Yamada says: Actually, recently I don’t have a lot of interest in fashion…. So I’ve been wearing clothes that I bought a long time ago. This spring, I think that white shirts are in, and even then I’m not going to buy new white shirts, I’m going to wear the ones I already have (laughs). I also don’t have a lot of space for clothes-. Not only that, I want more time… When I think people are stylish, it’s usually because whatever outfit they’re wearing looks good on them. Even I don’t know myself, so why am I 1st in this category? But I’ll work harder on my style!

Who seems to know a lot about the PC
1. Inoo Kei
2. Okamoto Keito
3. Morimoto Ryutaro

Inoo says: I actually don’t really know a lot about the computer. But maybe within JUMP, I know more than the other members? Takaki often asks me questions about the PC. Like how to put photos into the computer from a camera, how to synch music in or stuff like that. I usually use the PC to check the news, and to write reports for college or essays. I use it for about 2 hours every day, and I have 2 for my own personal use.

Who seems to be good at puns.
1. Yaotome Hikaru
2. Chinen Yuuri
3. Yamada Ryosuke

Hikaru says: I am pretty good at puns (thumbs up). I have confidence (laughs). Ever since I was little, all I thought about was making people life. It’s a habit of mine to say jokes to people from a long time ago. Which means, I’ve said so many jokes that it’s become a habit for me. There are times when nobody laughs. But even if nobody does laugh, this is how a comedian is born so it’s OK! I will fight with my heart and continue saying puns!!

Who seems to text message/email a lot.
1. Takaki Yuya
2. Arioka Daiki
3. Yaotome Hikaru

Takaki says: You guys chose this based on appearance right? I don’t really like to text message/mail people…. But maybe within JUMP, I do it the most-. I wonder why? Probably because I go out and play with my friends a lot, so I have to text them to see where I’m meeting them? So maybe that’s why people chose me for this. But recently, I haven’t really touched my cell phone. My friends complains and says, “Your responses are slow,” “I didn’t get a response.” Sorry!

Who seems to get good grades.
1. Inoo Kei
2. Chinen Yuuri
3. Okamoto Keito

Inoo says: I’m really happy I was #1 for this category! Maybe it’s because I go to college so people think that I am? I have to live up to my expectations, I have to study more now (laughs). I got really good grades in math. Through elementary, middle and high school I got really good grades in them. During high school, I even got 100’s on tests. Oppositely, I got bad grades in English. I can never get a 100 on an English test, and I always get average grades seriously (cries).


Arashi 'Monster' PV

that's arashi 30th single....


happy watching....



mp3 from arashi - Monster....


School Kakumei 2010.05.16

that's school kakume 2010.05.16......

happy downloading.....

Avi File
32 Mb


Shounen Club 2010.05.14

Today’s Shonen Club opened with Shintaro as announcer and the Juniors performing Yuuki100% (download). Right in the middle of the song today’s special guest, KT-TUN’s Taguchi popped out of a box and talked over the Juniors singing, which is something I can not approve of. But I’m old and mellow, so I will refrain from releasing the hounds.

Opening talk with Takaki, Daiki and Yuto, whom I promise I will marry if he promises to come to the wedding wearing that yellow cardigan.

Today’s theme is Smile, and the eponymous medley did a good job indeed at making me smile (multiple times even), with songs by Kanjani8, NEWS, Arashi, V6 and SMAP.

Download: SC 2010-05-14 Smile Medley AVI / MP3


*cough* I’m sorry, I just had to.

Next up, a talk segment with Taguchi followed by a Special Medley (download). Normally I’d skip this but today I decided to watch it just so I could say I did, and also to kill time while waiting for the other videos to load. It was worth watching though, for the bit where Nakamaru was having a bit of fun with a Taguchi uchiwa.

Gekkan KoyaMaru, Koyama and Nakamaru showing us a couple of Shokura backstage photos, quite interesting and at one point cute beyond belief.

Next was an A.B.C.-Z medley. I didn’t skip that one either, but I went to the kitchen to get another cup of tea to return just in time for the Junior Colosseum segment which was quite fun to watch, especially the one pose quiz where they had to guess Johnny’s songs from one one single dance pose which seems quite impossible but as it turned out it’s not.

Hey!Say!JUMP talk and medley, yay! They talked about Yuto’s drumming skills, and Yuto showed them off at the beginning of the medley. Very nice indeed. Even if he won’t marry me I still want him to play at my wedding. The rest of the medley was all right. Just two songs, Takaki’s Kumo no ito solo followed by Hitomi no Screen. I really liked this one for all the solo lines everyone got.

Download SC 2010-05-14 Hey!Say!JUMP Medley AVI / MP3

LOL at Daiki mimicking Yuto. ♥

Junior ni Q (download) had Ootsuka, Noeru, Jesse Luis, Fuma and Masuda, and it left me a bit confused because even though Jesse Luis has been around for like 65 years his voice still shows no sign of breaking.

Next was a two-song medley by all the b-list Juniors (no offense), i.e. Mis Snow Man, Kyomoto, Anderson and all the other usual suspects. It was all right, nothing out of the ordinary. However, since some of you might be interested, here’s the AVI and the MP3.

Anata ni otegami kakimashou (download) with Masuda Ryo and Takada Sho. Gay and cute as always (the segment I mean, not necessarily the boys, although… uh, never mind). Anyway, Takada has a very sexy speaking voice, and for some reason I can’t seem to warm up to anybody with the name Masuda.

The ending song was Anniversary, very nice, starring everybody except the chibis…

Download: SC 2010-05-14 ED – Anniversary AVI / MP3

Note : Sorry can't show video....
I very very sorry...


TanJoubi ShidaChan

ichinen ni ichido no mahou tokubetsu na hi

OtanJouBi OmeDetou
Shida Mirai....

c.moga tMbH caNtik....
bNyK JOB.a....
dPt Dorama yG bRenk ma RyoChan....
aPa yG d.CiTa" tAn ma ShidaChan t.KbUl.....

OtanJoubi OmeDetou Yamada Ryosuke


hRie nIeCh iDoLa qUe uLtaH....

QuE hRap d.UzIA mUe yG k.17 taon....
aPa yG mUe ciTa" taN t.KbUl.....

remains to be the STAR that lit up my heart and your other fans



Hey!Say!JUMP 1st Album

This is going to be a very short post. Pretty much all the inforation that seems to be available at this point is already in the headline. Well, almost. Here’s the long version:

At a public press conference at today’s Hey!Say!JUMP concert at Yokohama Arena it was announced that Hey!Say!JUMP are finally going to release their first album this summer.

And that’s it. No title, no exact date, no details of any kind, but right now I don’t care because this is the friggin’ best piece of news of the year! Of the last three years even.

As you may or may not know, Summer usually lasts three months, from mid-June to mid-September, but seeing that Johnny’s releases are usually announced five to six weeks in advance we might be looking at a release as early as June 9th or 16th, even though technically that’s still spring. ^^

As for the songs… well, we have five singles already, but I really hope they won’t be included on the album, or at least not all of them. I’d rather have an album full of new, previously unreleased stuff.

Anyway, I’m going to stalk the Japanese blogosphere now, and I’ll be back with more news as soon as I find it, so stay tuned.


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