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[Scan] MYOJO august 2010 "YUMA W/B.I.SHADOW"

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from : Azn Ongaku

[TransLate] Wink Up July 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke NYC"

-Who is the most childish person?

There's no specific member that's childish. ...Even though Chinen said it was me (laughs). Eh? Of course? I get excited when my tensions goes up and down? No no, "Not being calm = A child" not! During my normal days I do think a lot! For Chinen, when he's with his favorite anime, that's really like a child. If you're talking about this type of things actually, I didn't know how to translate this into English. There are, afterall some words that you can't possibly translate. but 'thing' will suffice for now, I'll ask someone else ...to look forward to talking to another I can't find a suitable word for Otagai, like just a expression of 'each other' like this, I wonder if it's like a child (laughs).

-Who is the most adult person?

For this as well, everyone's halfway there (laughs). But if we were to be compared to people of the same year, because we started working at a really young age, so our mental age is a little higher. For me, or someone else, we go well with adults, so we get a lot of things like "The way you think is really adult-ish ne" from adults. Even though I get a little happy with that, I don't understand what's good about it.

-Who is the steadiest?

This is Yuma. I felt it when we were out on a music variety show. Really, he was the only one with 'no-misses'. Even though during rehearsals, we were the ones who didn't have any misses. I'm really weak at lives (laughs). But I'm strong at concert lives ne. I'll get really nervous for TV shows only. Yuma will s ay "Anmari kinchou seehen" Doncha' get over nervous -Yuma says this in the Kansai-ben which I think it's too cute to miss lulz btw, for anyone who wants to know, the Tokyo accent is 'Anmari Kinchou shinai de' XD and then I start to relax.

-Who is the easiest to cry?

That's me. I cry so much during dramas, the fans should also be used to my crying face right (laughs)? Also, changing of sets are also bad. "Ah, we're no longer using this location" I'll think, and get really lonely. Because during that time, I spent a longer time with them than my family. It's of course that I get lonely.

-Who is the one with the gap?

It's not something you can see from the outside, but Chinen's actually more boy-ish than everyone knows he is. He's really dependant and spoilt during work grounds, but during school, his voice gets deeper, like about 2%, his 'cool-boy' attitude gained. hawt.

-Who is the easiest to get scared? [Like, scaredy cat or something]

That's probably Yuma. Whenever I hold onto a needle or tooth pick, he'll get all scared. No, that's just plain scary, dude I wonder if he has some sickness of getting afraid first or something. Eh, there's no way I'll really poke Yuma with that ne (laughs). I didn't even do it once before!

[Scan] 2010 August PoPolo and MyoJo Hey!Say!JUMP


from : Azn Ongaku


[Manga] わいわいっ☆Hey! Say! JUMP - Vol.1

HappY DownLoading.....


[MANGA] わいわいっ☆Hey! Say! JUMP - Vol.1

Language: Japanese
161 Pages
124 Mb

.rar file
.zip file

from : Azn Ongaku

OtanJoubi OmeDetou "Inoo Kei"

OtanJoubi Omedetou ...
Inoo Kei ....

wish you all the best ...

Snow Prince Gasshoudan

This Members of Snow Prince Gasshoudan.....

Shintaro Morimoto:

Nickname: Shin-chan
BirthdDate: July 15, 1997
Birth Place: Kanagawa
Blood type: A
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Hobbies: action video games

Otsuka Yuya

NickName: Yukorin, Yu-Kun
Birthdate: October 11, 1997
Blood Type: O
Height: 136 cm
Weight: 27 kg
Hobbies: Playing Green Light Red Light
Favorite Subect: Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Type of girl: That is kind and smaller than him
Senpai her admires: Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto and Kitayama Hiromitsu
Reason For Joining JE: Saw Yamada Ryosuke Dancing and thought he was very cool his father sent the audition form
Dream for the future: he wants to enter the school where he studied insects.

Shintaro Kishimoto:

Nickname: Kisshi, Shinta, Shin
Birthdate: September 6, 1996
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Height: 150
Weight: 34 kg
Hobbies: Enjoys Movies and Music
Favorite Subect: Math
Least Favorite Subject: Japanese, Social Science
Type of girl: Cute and A Beautiful Voice
Senpai he Admires: Hashimoto Ryosuke, Yamashita Tomohisa
Reason for joining JE: He Admired Tomohisa Yamashita
Dream for the future is to become someone like Yamapi, able to dance, sing and act

Kei Kurita:

Nickname: Kuri-chan
Birthdate: April 9, 1997
Birthplace: Saitama
Blood Type: AB
Height: 143 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Skills: Tap dance has been dooing since I was in 3rd Grade
Favorite food: melon
Food that hates: umeboshi
Favorite Color: Navy
Type of girl: a girl happy

Tatsuya Horinouchi:

Nickname: Tatsuko
Birthdate: November 20, 1997
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Height: 141 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Skills: Dance (hip hop)
Hobbies: Golf
Favorite Food: Meat and Ramen
Dislikes food: Tomato
Favorite color: gold
Strong Point: Has Big Eyes
Senpai he admires: Akanishi Jin

Ryo Hashimoto:

Nickname: Mossad
Birthdate: October 30, 2000
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: O
Height: 126 cm
Weight: 24 kg
Hobbies: playing catch
Favorite food: Hamburger
Dislikes food: Salad
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Animal: Lion
Senpai he Admires: Kamenashi Kazuya

Okada Sousei:

Birthdate: January 12, 2000
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood type: A
Height: 132 cm
Weight: 26 kg
Hobbies: Football
Favorite food: Tomato
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Animal: Monkey
Type of girl: Has to be kind
Reason for joining JE: He's mother sent a form
Senpai he Admires: Tsukada Ryoichi

Inoue Mizuki:

Birthdate: October 31, 2000
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: AB
Height: 130.6 cm
Weight: 24.5 kg
Skills: Dancing
Favorite food: Hamburger
Favorite Color: Green
Type of girl: That is nice and cute
Reason for Joining JE: Because he Admires Yamada Ryosuke
Senpai he Admires: Yamada Ryosuke

Nakamura Reia:

Birthdate: April 2, 1997
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Height: 140 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Hobbies: Skateboarding
Dislikes: tomatos
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Dog, Cat
Reason for joining JE: for various reasons he thought he'd try out
Senpai he Admires: Tegoshi yuya

Haba Yuki:

Birthdate: July 5, 2000
Birthplace: Shizuoka
Blood Type: O
Height: 128 cm
Weight: 24 kg
Skills: Dancing
Favorite food: peach
Dislikes: Pepper
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite animal: Penguin
Type of girl: has to be kind
Reason for Joining JE: His mother sent in the form
Senpai he Admires: Sakurai sho

Chino Aoi.:

Nickname: Tatsuko
Birthdate: October 7, 2001
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Height: 116 cm
Weight: ? cm
Hobbies: Football
Favorite food: Bananas
Dislikes: Parsley
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Animal: Panda
Type of girl: Has to be kind
Reason for joining JE: his mother sent the form
Senpai he Admires: Yamada Ryosuke

JUMP No.1 Album Covers

Limited Edition's Cover

Reguler Edition's Cover

[TransLate] MyoJo July 2010 "Hey!Say!JUMP"

Present’s photo of theirs, message for themselves in the future, then the important things…the packaged time capsule will open after 60 years!


Yamada Ryosuke’s capsule
Message for future himself
Are you live with all your might?
Are you smile everyday?
Are you still can eat cuttlefish with your teeth?
I’m so sorry if you use denture now

The important things
Because I want to remember any drama where I can get role in it, I want to enter all my drama scenarios to the capsule. Of course, I handle my scenario. I place it in corner of my room, it lines up beautifully.

Chinen Yuuri’s capsule
Message for future himself
Are you health? If you’re health, it’s good!
Are you happy? If you’re happy, it’s good!
After 30 years, how’s your life!?
Let’s do our best,
To become active idol until we died.

The important things
I will put my cute photos and my bank book in the capsule! After 60 years, when I withdraw my saving in the bank, I will become rich. But I never saving in the bank (laugh). Those are my wish.

Okamoto Keito’s capsule
Message for future himself
Guitar and my wife
You’re my only way!
I will do my best.
You do your best.

The important things
I think I will put my 40 guitar picks now to the capsule. At this time, I received those from my father who use it 20 years ago, I feel really happy! Because of that, I feel I connected with my father, next time, I will give these to my grandchild.

Nakajima Yuuto’s capsule
Message for future himself
Question for ‘the after 60 years of me’!
Are you health?
Are you enjoy your life until now?
Are you happy?
Nakajima Yuuto in 2010 is
still a kid~

The important things
It doesn’t matter how much I have the drum stick, from all of that, I certainly have one drum stick that I often use, I want to put it to the capsule. When future myself open the capsule and see it, the youth memories will comes up immediately.

Morimoto Ryutaro’s capsule
Message for future himself
15 years old of me just think,
“the life is big and short”
Am I still live in 75 years old?
It doesn’t matter how old I am
I never forget how big the life is!

The important things
If there are memories that I want to keep now, of course, that is JUMP’s CD. But, is CD player will be disappear 60 years again? Well, maybe I will feel nostalgic when I see that and said, “That style~”


Kouta Yabu’s capsule
Message for future himself
Even though you live a life as unsteady worker,
Please always do your best as usual,
I have been thinking you would continue
to work and stand for one hobby in the middle of your life.
Because that hobby is treasured item,
Please continue it until accomplish your life span!

The important things
I want to put in all 10 members’ concert costume to the capsule. It would be good if I can take the costumes that we use until now. After 60 years, I have been 80 years old, but at that time I will get all members to wear it, and I want to make a concert again. Of course, we will sing and dance~ (laugh)

Arioka Daiki’s capsule
Message for future himself
Are you still active?
Are you spend your life with full of spirit?
Then, are you still health until now?

The important things
I want to put in JUMP’s first single and first photobook to the capsule. Then after 60 years, I want to take picture with costume as same as CD jacket cover, and I want to make a concert with same content as same as photobook. It seems interesting.

Takaki Yuuya’s capsule
Message for future himself
Are you health?
My kid and grandchild, are you health?
Are you suffer an illness?
At this time, I think I will enjoy living in urban area,
But it would be give a long life!

The important things
I want to deliver my photos with my family and my friends in future capsule, I want keep that memories because we can’t experience that for 2 times, right? I want to keep memories with my important people in past days. It’s the treasure items, isn’t it?

Yaotome Hikaru’s capsule
Message for future himself
Have you recovered from stiff shoulders?
Have you recovered from migraine headache?
Have you used reading glasses?
After 60 years,
Which looks like younger from the appearance, I or Ryutaro?
Has Ryutaro become a baseball player..?
Please tell me!

The important things
I want to put in difficult bass musical score that I can’t play now. It would become suggestion for future myself. I will said, “Oi, because you have been living for 60 years, you have become clever, right?”. For reach that in 60 years again, I will practice diligently from now.

Inoo Kei’s capsule
Message for future himself
Maybe you have been forgotten about youth hot feeling.
It doesn’t matter what challenge that come to you,
but please don’t give up.
Day by day, please do your best with all your might!!

The important things
I want to compare the change that happened at the place where I grow up nowadays with after 60 years again. Because of that, maybe I will draw illustration of my home and put in to the capsule. But I am weak in drawing (laugh). I will draw with put love into it.

Message for Fans 60 years again

Are you still support me as usual?
Are you start to perforate a younger idol (laugh)?
Even though until now, I always will become as usual person who liked by everyone!
(from Ryosuke)

Even though in the next life,
Please be my fans always <3
(from Yuuri)

To be able get everyone’s love after 60 years,
Thank you!!
(from Keito)

Thank you for always support me for 60 years!
We will always together until died!<3
(from Yuuto)

Let’s continue to long life together!!
(from Ryuutaro)

Even though you’re become grandfather,
or grandmother,
please always follow us!
(from Yabu)

Even though after 60 years, I’m still stay the same
Please still call me “Arioka-kun” or “Dai-chan” <3
(from Daiki)

Thank you to be my fans for a long time.
I will always love everyone!
(from Yuuya)

Are you still can hold the penlight with full of spirit?
I feel happy if you still keep our uchiwa that you bought when we were young
(from Hikaru)

You have been old. I have been old.
But we have created many memories with all of you.
Thank you!
(from Inoo)

from : Chinenpuccino

Yamada Ryosuke "Rumors"

i can't believed that boy is Yamada Ryosuke.....
and the girl in this pic looks older than Yamada {my opini}......

is this making place a video clip "Hitomi no Screen", right????

I hope you all did not trust the rumors circulating since not necessarily true ....

[Scan] Hey! Say! JUMP JFC No.3

Happy Downloading....


[Video] making Hidarime Tantei EYE "Yamada Ryosuke Cries"

ryochan actually cried like a child and so Kawaii ...

but ....
it's natural ....
because so many wonderful memories when they were together for approximately three months .......

and this video.....
happy watching.....

you can download in www.megaupload.com/?d=N4C9EJRL

from : Asian Loverz


Happy Watching....

or you can see in www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKnXwgaPl18....

JUMP No. 1 Full Track List

This is the full track list for the album Hey! Say! JUMP "JUMP No.1"


Lyricist: Yabu Kota
Arrangements: 高橋哲也、佐藤泰将

Lyricist: Yaotome Hikaru
Composer: 内田智之
Arrangements: CHOKKAKU

3. 瞳のスクリーン (Hitomi no Screen)
(Nihon TV Saturday Dorama -Hidarime Tantei EYE- Theme Song)
Lyricist: 村野直球
Composer: 馬飼野康二
Arrangements: 鈴木雅也

4. 真紅 (Shinku/ Crimson)
Lyricist: Yamada Ryosuke
Composer: Fredrik Hult
Arrangements: h-wonder

5. ガンバレッツゴー! (Ganbarettsugo!)
Lyricist: 藤林聖子、MAKOTO
Composer・ Arrangements: h-wonder

6. 情熱JUMP (Jounetsu JUMP)
Lyricist: ma-saya
Arrangements: 船山基紀

7. す まいるそんぐ (Sumairu Songu/Smile Song)
Lyricist: Chinen Yuri
Composer: Shusui, Hirofumi Sasaki
Arrangements: 石塚知生

8. Memories
Lyricist: ma-saya
Composer: 加藤裕介
Arrangements: 佐藤泰将

9. Dreams come true
TBS系 フジテレビ系「バレーボール世界最終予選」イメージソング
(TBS TV "VolleyBall World Semi-final" image song)
Lyricist: 久保田洋司
Composer: 馬飼野康二
Arrangements: CHOKKAKU

10. Time
Lyricist: Takaki Yuya
Composer: 平田祥一郎
Arrangements: Arioka Daiki、Eddy

11. Score
Lyricist: Yabu Kota
Arrangements: 前口渉
RAP lyrics: Yaotome Hikaru

12. Your Seed
(Image song of the movie -Kungfu Panda-)
Lyricist: ma-saya
Composer: h-wonder
Arrangements: ha-j

13. アイ☆スクリーム (Ai☆Sukuriimu)
Lyricist+Composer: Yaotome Hikaru
Arrangements: 磯崎健史、吉岡たく

14. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ (Mayonaka no Shadow Boy)
日 本テレビ系土曜ドラマ「スクラップ・ティーチャー ~教師再生~」主題歌
(Nihon TV Saturday Dorama -Scrap Teacher- Theme Song)
Lyricist: ma-saya
Composer: 馬飼野康二
Arrangements: 馬飼野康二、石塚知生

15. Dash!!
Lyricist: Nakajima Yuto
Composer: 原一博
Arrangements: 川端良征、清水昭男

16. Ultra Music Power
フ ジテレビ系「ワールドカップバレー2007」イメージソング
(Fuji TV -World Cup VolleyBall 2007- Image song)
Lyricist: MSS
Composer: 馬飼野康二
Arrangements: CHOKKAKU

17. Thank You ~僕たちから君へ~
(Thank you~Bokutachi kara kimi e~/Thank you~From us to you~)
Lyricists: Hey! Say! JUMP
Composer: STVEN LEE
Arrangements: 船山基紀
Song Co-ordination: JOEY CARBONE

wooowwwww .....

turns out that writing lyrics is not just Yabu Kota and Yaotome Hikaru ...

Yamada Ryosuke, Chinen Yuri, Nakajima Yuto and Takaki Yuya also contribute in making their first album ...

I so want to hear songs made by them ....

from :

∞~♥♥Suteki Ai♥♥~∞

Ninomiya injures woman in accident, Arashi announces album and tour

Arashi member Kazunari Ninomiya (26) caused an accident while driving on Friday afternoon, hitting a 36-year-old woman on a bicycle and causing minor injuries. The same day, Arashi revealed that they will release a new album and launch a tour later this year.

At about half past noon on Friday, Ninomiya was driving in Tokyo's Meguro ward. As he approached an intersection with no traffic lights, a woman riding a bicycle came from the side, and Ninomiya's car bumped the side of her bicycle. Although Ninomiya was unharmed, the woman suffered an injury in her left leg that will take about a week to fully heal.

Johnny's Jimusho stated that Ninomiya had the day off, though he was driving on his way to a work-related meeting.

Police are currently investigating the matter. Meanwhile, Johnny's has reminded its other artists to drive carefully. Because of this accident and Jun Matsumoto's accident in February, the agency has decided to prohibit all five Arashi members from driving until the end of this year. This is apparently the first time that the company has enforced a driving ban for all members of a specific group.

The accident happened the same day that the group announced a new album, its first in over two years. Titled "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei," the album is scheduled for an August 4 release. It will at least include their four latest singles, ten new songs, and five solo songs.

In addition to the album, Arashi will go on tour from August 21 until January of next year. Like their tour last year, they plan to perform at the National Stadium and the five major Domes. During that tour, they became the first artist to play three consecutive days at the National Stadium. This time, their shows at the stadium won't be consecutive, but they will be the first to hold 4 concerts there in the same tour.

from : tokyograph

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