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HSJ Type GirlZzZ

“A girly-girl. Basically, a bright, happy person is always a thumbs up, but if there was a little bit of a girly-girl side to her, then I would think that she is cute.” (Yamada)

“A nice, and a fun personto be around. Also, since I don't really have it together, a girl whose like an older-sister-type would be good.” (Nakajima)

“I like a girl who laughs a lot. Because it'll be fun to be with her.” (Chinen)

“ A serious, nice girl. A girl who thinks about others would be good.” (Morimoto)

“A fee-care girl, and no being so serious.” (Okamoto)

“ First, an energetic girl! An energetic, bright girl. As long as her hairstyle and her fashion sense matches her, she could wear anything and have her hair any style.” (Arioka)

“A nice person. Also, a person who notices a lot of things. Also, a person who I can sometimes fight with (laughs).” (Takaki)

“Maybe a girl who's calmer than other people will probably fit me better (laughs).” (Inoo)

“First, I'll look at her eyes. I like eyes that are beautifully shining. “ (Yaotome)

“ First, maybe black-colored hair. The length should be semi-long. Also, I'd like a girl who can cook really well! Right now, I would like her to make a hamburg!” (Yabu)

Hey!Say!BEST Type GirlzZZz

Daiki Arioka


"my ideal romance is one spent with a girlfriend that's always smiling, since i always want to have fun and be cheerful when i'm around her. then it'd be great if we could make each day a day full of memories together. also, i'd want to date a girl who understands that i'm no good with the haunted houses at amusement parks. i mean, if only the guys screams "gyaa--!!" it's so uncool (laughs)"

1. spoil her everyday!
2. get her interested to foreign music
3. devotedly keep in contact with her so she doesn't worry[seriously.th girl LOVE HIM LIKE HELL]
4. constantly put on a smile for her
5. treasure our anniversary

1.Energetic and cheerful
2.Likes foreign music
3.Has a soft laugh
4.Has a good appetite
5.Has a clean feel to her
6.No good with haunted houses
7.Never fails to contact me everyday
8.Has a great smile
9. Acts spoiled
10.Keeps promises


1.Pretty sparkling eyes that seems to absorb everything
2.I like girls to look feminine in clothes like a skirt and a blouse
3.As long as her shoes are girlish anything's fine
4.Small flat nose
5.Trim brown colored hair style

Kei Inoo


"i can't cook so if my girlfriend could, i'd want her to cook for me. however, i'm not a "demanding husband" type of guy. if her cooking isn't especially great, that's ok too, because then i could help out and we could cook together. id' want her to teach me how to cook. not only with cooking, but with other things too, rather than saying "i want you to do it", i'd say "let's do it together" no matter what we do, if the two of us worked together, then it's be more fun, right?"

1. shyly say kind things to her
2. plan fun events to go to
3. if she catched a cold, diligently nurse her back to health
4. call her on days we can't see each other
5. take the lead

1. Honest
2. Has a great smile
3. Not self centered
4. Has dreams
5. Good at cooking
6. Likes cleanliness
7. Doesn't get tired of being together
8. Only acts spoiled with me
9. Cares for my dogs
10. But, not a perfect person

1. Semi long black hair with a slight wave
2. A pale face with large bright eyes is nice
3. Clothes-wise, anything's fine but clothes that are kinda fluffy or airy are nice
4. On the bottom, rather than pants, I like the more girlish skirts style
5. For winter time, boots are cute!

Takaki Yuya


1.if possible, semi-long hair that's about chest length is good
2.pretty eyes that make your heart skip a beat when you look into them
3.wears natural makeup.i like natural-looking girls
4.i don't like my girlfriend to show alot of skin so a denim style is good!
5.for this time of the year, boots are definately cute.


1.can cook
2.acts spoilt and lets me act spoilt
3.makes time for us to meet
4.calls every night before going to bed
6.fun to be with
8.very possesive
9.doesn't contact male friends often
10.shows me her true self

"I'm a jealous person so if my girlfriend was very possesive of me that would make me very happy. In addition, it is essential that she be herself in front of me. If both of us don't know what the other is truly like, theres no point in being together. Then, afterwards, when we found out the truth about each other, it'd be a shock. Instead, as long as th requirement is fulfilled, we can go out and little by little clear ourselves with each other's families. Doing that, we would surely be judged kindly!"

1. NEVER be unfaithful
2. Go to see her whenever
3. Take her places she wants to go
4. Support her during difficult times
5. Write a song just for her

(Hontou ni Gomennasai bWt Fanzu”.a Yabu n Hikaru....

Nanti akKoe Crie tipe Cwe yG d.sUki ma mrEka b.2)

Hey!Say!7 Type GirlzZZz

Morimoto Ryutaro


"i like girlish girls. like, if she's good at cooking, i'd be very happy!! a girl who's energetic and doesn't have anything that she particularly hates is good too. if she's not like that, then we couldn't go out to eat my favorite yakinuki together, right?? i'd like someone who has fun doing lots of different things. basically, she's someone who's healthy and cheerful and alway slooking fragrant. i mean, if she's not like that, we couldn't have any fun, right??"

1. raise a dog(inu) together
2. go snowboarding together
3. go on trips together
4. go out to eat yummy food together
5. go shopping together too!

1. Doesn't keep secrets from me
2. Doesn't give up no matter what
3. Good at cooking
4. Doesn't especially hate anything!
5. Energetic!
6. Likes animals!
7. Doesn't boast!
8. Doesn't waste
9. Is girlish (not a tomboy)
10. Positive

1. I like hair that's kinda brown and neck length
2. She has big round bright eyes
3. I think it's good if she's shorter than me
4. Long boots on slender legs is cool!
5. She should wear a skirt and boot style that suits her

Chinen Yuri


"i would fall in love with a girl who was like yamachan. i mean, yamachan has a cute face and even his personality and behavior is cute. plus, he has a nice voice, too (wooowww, I think Chinen really like Yama-chan). the sound of my girlfriend's voice is important to me since, even when we can't see each other, i can listen to her voice over the phone and be happy. it's be nice if a girl like that exsisted. if she did we'd be able to have a cheerful and fun time together."

1. eat gyoza(dumpling-yuuri's favourite food) with her
2. become energetic with her
3. get good at cooking for her[super sweet:O but you have to learn to cook with Yama-chan]
4. teach her how to do turns
5. let her watch me grow and mature

1. Can do physical activity
2. Even if she can't, she's energetic
3. Same height as me
4. Has a cute personality like Yama-chan's
5. Understands my job and cheers me on
6. Not someone the other members know
7. Can make gyouza
8. Popular even in school
9. Fun to be with
10. Has a gentle voice

1. Black hair about as long as Takaki-kun's
2. Cute face like Yama-chan's
3. I'm not really concerned about fashion but pants are good I guess
4. Ideally she's the same height as me
5. Overall, she gives off a girlish feel rather than a gal-ish feel

Nakajima Yuto


"it's important that i worry about the girl i'm going out with. but to have a good relationship, i don't want us to keep things to ourselves. instead, i'd want us to tell each other whatever's on our minds. overall, the most important thing we should tell each is that we love each other!! it'd be great if we could talk a lot together, hang out together, and get along well."

1. Have fun! But I might be kinda loud
2. Eat skewered liver and bitter foods together
3. go shopping together!
4. give her things like sweets[oh.im so gonna love him:P]
5. I'm a bit messy, so she can nag at me (laughs)

1. Hair that's about shoulder length and black or slightly brownish is best.
2. Girls that wear glasses sometimes make my heart skip a beat.
3. Bright eyes. I like a healthy looking pale face.
4. Outfits with a dress on top and jeans underneath are cute!
5. Thin and about the same height as me is good.

1. Loves Me
2. I love her (so sweet >w<) 3. Easy to talk to 4. Has worries 5. Can have fights with me 6. But can make up the next day 7. Isn't unfaithful 8. Clearly says what she likes/dislikes 9. Adult-like 10. Dependable

Yamada Ryosuke


"To put it in one word, I like cool girls. Like, the type of girl, that thinks of things positively and doesn't lose out to depressing feelings. Also, I like girls that have a free way of thinking without being narrow-minded and tied down by conventions When we're together, it's okay if she tells me if i do something wrong, too, because I'll mature that way. But, when it comes to crucial moments, I'd like her to let me lead."

1. Be with her as much as possible
2. Do whatever she asks
3. Cook for her (I want to eat Yama-chan’s food)
4. Take her on drives in the future
5. We'll play the rest by the ear

1. Short, kinda brownish hair
2. Her purse is small with just enough money for a phone call and wallet
3. Sneakers or just any shoes that are tiny to work in are a must
4. She wears a jeans type outfit. I like clothes that have a cool, energetic kinda feeling to it
5. Girlish, pretty eyes are nice

1. Fine even when she's alone
2. Doesn't ask for too much
3. Honest
4. Cheerful
5. Doesn't stick to conversations that much
6. Doesn't feel down right away
7. Skillful
8. Strong
9. Says things straight-forwardly
10. Cool

Okamoto Keito


"i like the heartwarning people both young and old walking and getting along in places like foreign parks. it's heartwarming to watch. i like the thought of my girlfriend acting kind of spoiled towards me while we sit on a bench talking together. (laughs) even though we wouldn't really be doing anything, we 'd be getting along and creating a gentle atmosphere between us. so i think that would be nice"

1. go to the places she want to go to together
2. be heartwarming together
3. let her act spoiled when she wants to
4. act kindly towards her
5. teach her a lot of miscellaneous knowledge

1. Overall:Kind
2. Free-minded
3. Doesn't lie
4. Isn't stingy
5. Doesn't get mad alot
6. Even when she does, easily gets over it
7. Not extremely positive or negative
8. Works hard
9. Spoiled

1.Long wavy black or brown hair
2.I like girls with cute smiles. i want her to always be smiling
3.Wears in between mini and long length, frilly skirts
4.Wears tights and covers arms as not to be trying too hard to be attractive
5.I prefer girlish looking girls so i prefer pumps to sneakers.


Opini Member’zZz Hey!Say!JUMP About…..

Hikaru Yaotome

Your monologue is good.

When we together, you always kind to me. Thank you <3

You're skilled in make others laugh.

Recently, your jokes are no way! (laugh). But, when MC talk, I really respect to you.

For me, you are like one of piece of myself. So, from now onwards, please support me. Because leaves in myself can't grow up without you.

When situation being weird, the person who do something to make situation better is Hikaru-kun. Thank you.

Our relation is very good. Next time, may you want to go eat hotpot together with me?

I want to meet you in school, I'm so feel lonely.

At August 2008. You lend my comic. When you want to return my comic?

Yabu Kota

When his handphone's batteries are fixed. He takes my battery!!

He always being my Tsubo* character.

When MC talk part, you always represent us, thank you. I'm really gratitude.

He is so skilled at singing! I want have voice like him~

He is talk-to-other's maniac! But I'm so really like it!

He often said this to me, “Eat the tomatoes quickly!!”. You are surely like adult ne? Do your best ne! (laugh)

You are my good brother, from now onwards, please to be my consultant <3

After this, let's play twin guitar together!

Your height is so high, but your face still kawaii na~

Tsubo* in japanese literature means the energy points on your body that access healing, i think Ryuu try to say that Yabu is person who make him healing...(maybe..)

Takaki Yuuya

When photoshoot of calendar, you are caught a cold. Get well soon ne.

His appearance seems frightened, but if you have known him, his personality is very kind yo.

His fashion style is very great <3

You asked me, “How about our trip plan?”.
I don' know how will be. (bitter smile)

We always do foolish things together ne. I want always see Takaki-kun who like that.

Your soul, please to be more adult yo.

Let's to go eat yakiniku together again. Please~~<3

Your joke's sense, seems not being better ne...
Well, but that's your characteristic.

Combination of your style and your outward appearance is very good.

Arioka Daiki

Your charm point is your loud voice. When you in my side, your voice is very loud!!! Noisy!

You're care with your friend. Keep good personality like that.

I have known Daichan before JUMP are formed. I think we have a good relationship. Next year, let's make this relationship better again.

Anything that I do to him, he never angry. Dai-chan is really kind <3

Anytime, he always smile. His heart is so wide.

Hey, Hey~
He often invites me to go to amusement park.

Since we being Junior, we are in same group activity. Arioka-kun is a calm person.

Stop your habit to embrace me suddenly...
But honestly, I'm really like that <3

You always walk until close to me and with your soft voice, you say, “Yabu-kun~~ <3”, is it so suspicious? (laugh)

Inoo Kei

Inoo-chan like do random comments (laugh). So, please to put your feeling in your comments.

Your character that always changes is so interesting.

You always give me information about comic, game, even lesson. I'm really thankful to you.

Inoo-chan always appear with comic's topic. We share information about comic, and then furthermore we will chat about “HOT” things!!

Inoo-chan have a high sense of joke. My ability not reach that yet (laugh). But together with me, we want to reach Hikaru's level!

Honestly, we rare to talk each other. Then, for me, he is the person who have many riddle. But after this, I will search the answer of that riddle.

Because anything that he think, I don't understand, so I want chat much more with him.

Don't steal my meat and my candy~~~~

Honestly, your fingers are pretty!! I know that yo!
Chinen Yuuri

No~~he's so kawaii~~. Really kawaii <3. But, if you talk with someone, you must gaze his/her eyes. (laugh)

Your brain rotation is so awesome. I'm so jealous.

Chinen will be entered Senior High School too. Your behaviour always like a child, but later you can't sit in my lap again (laugh).if havioureike child Senior High School too

I like your hairstyle now. I want cut it a little.

The most kawaii JUMP's member!!! Please being my pet!!

Although I don't do anything, but if you with me, I'm always feel refreshing.

Because you really kawaii, I don't want others to hug your body! (laugh)

You're very very small~~ Please to grow up <3

Sometimes, why you always think the things that make you worry?
But, because you really kawaii, so although you seems sad, I'm still like it~~ (laugh)

Morimoto Ryutaro

Recently, I hear you want to be mature, and your mistake's frequency is decrease this year. Next year, try to don't do a mistake <3

Please stop your habit to watch DVD alone! You must associate with group like me!!

Because he's the most youngest member, his way to calm is unusual. This gap is so interesting! He's so blabber!

His behavior like children, that's so kawaii <3

He always said,“What juice that we will drink?” and he always feel worry about small things! You must much more positive thinking!.

We just dispute one year ne. Although you being adult later, please don't forget this reality!

He never left behind vegetable in his lunch box! Not only meat that eaten by him, but all vegetables too!! No wonder he can grow up quickly.(Yabu)

Don't too much play a game, once a while, please chat with me~~

From now onward, please being a JUMP's mascot.

Okamoto Keito

Keito is very love music. Therefore, when we talk about music, he's seems so happy yo. Another time, let's make guitar session together!(Yabu)

His skill is only billiards, he is so hard to defeated. But when we do dance practice, he always discipline.

He's so gentle! When I feel bothered, he always offered to help me! So gentleman!

He always keep the surprising goods. You like to collect weird goods ne?

Why you always very kind?

If you want to know why Keito can play guitar carefully, it's because he is a hard struggle man. And I think that thing is very cool.

He suit to be a rock musician.

Recently, I'm often tell my sadness to you, and I feel better. Next time, let's go shopping together again.

If I have a leisure time, you always accompany me, I'm so thankful to you!

Yamada Ryosuke

He always want to wear the western style clothes.

Previous time, your body is small, your body size is same with me, and we always borrow clothes each other, now you have grow up ne. Haaa~~ syle clothes. me

Why you, although still junior high school, but you seems like adult? I'm never think you is younger than me.

In front of me you said, “I will exceed the sense of music of Hikaru-kun”.
But you not reach that yet. Please reach that thing quickly, I will waiting you.

When you joke with me, please decrease your strength a bit!

His cheeks are very soft. Cool~~

He has been consulting a various things with me, and I think that's fun enough. But, then I want sharing with him too.

Yama-chan will be enter senior high school too. I want to see he wear senior high school uniform quickly!

I'm really really really like Yama-chan!!

Nakajima Yuto

I like your unexpected behavior!y like Yama-chan!uniform quickly. ckly, i

Yuto-kun is childish. Can he being an adult gradually?

When Yuto-kun is sleep, he talk on sleep, “What? What?”. At that time, he's so very kawaii!!!

Please stop to sway your body in my side! But please be in my side always.

Please don't add your height! Please keep your body now!! No, if you can, please cut your height!

When he playing in dorama, he's so cool!

I like his suggestion about insect. He invites me to see insect in harvest season. It's really fun.

He is like tree! Then he is thin! And then he always stand in my line, my body have a far difference with him! My body will seems small, right!!!!

Sometimes you can reliable, but sometimes you can't. You really unexpected.


InterView HS7

MngKin s.BagiAn JUMPER daHhh tW….
piE aKkoE pNgin pOst.iNg zZza….


InterView Hey!Say!7 in First PhotoBook Hey!Say!JUMP….
(gomen ne… yang akkoe dpat cuma Hey!Say!7…
*nunduk.in bdan kpada fanzu2 Hey!Say!BEST)

Nihongo Version….


この作品は、私はコンサート中にされた"アジアの夜は、最も好きだった。"(アジアの夜)しかし、私はプレーしたことは、以上の歌と、再度の最後のコンサートやbutais(再生)の上で私が中に、それはほとんどされてビットすぎた。もし私だけで歌っていたが、ファンは、歌の疲れているだろう... ...だから、私はそれに積極的な踊りに追加考えて!私のソロ作品は私の衣装については1つのポイントは、私は本当にに関する事実は、私は場所のボタンを私の襟のシャツにすることになっていた以上のマジックテープ入れて介抱した。そう、私はすぐにそれには、変更することもので、私はすぐにオフにする可能性が"3でした。"
私はよく、ホテルの部屋で他のメンバーとのカードゲーム億万長者ゲーム、私たちはすべての非常に興奮。 (私はどのような大富豪のカードゲームなので私はそれを調査されたのか分からなかった。基本的には、必要になるお客様のカードの最速を取り除く。までのカードはすべてなくなっている場合、すべてのメンバーには、カードを通過し、最初の人下のカードを置きます。2番目の人は'強力なダウンの最初の人よりもカードを入れる必要があります。強力なカードは、ジョーカー、次に2,1,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6されると、 0,5,4および3は、弱いです。プレーヤーがより強いカード、または単にカードを置くことをしたくないがないと、彼らがする。人のカードをしたいしかし、何回も渡すことがなくなっている最速の優勝です。)トランプ罰ゲーム(罰)と、となる場合を失うと、次にするまで、皆を笑わせるギャグを行う上で維持する必要があります。それはかなり難しい-。私は実際には、最初の場所で大富豪のルールを知らない場合でも、私は強力なカードがあったと私は、他のメンバーは、"あなたをそのカードを置くことができないと言う自分に自信がたくさんあると思います! "...私は自分の体のリスクを負ったと罰ゲームでした。何か秘密が、これは非常に厄介だった(笑)。
私は私の背中の練習私はツアーにしていた時に反転します。今、私は奥の部屋の多くはそれについて、私はなかった本当に思う。もし私が普通に生活は、スペースの多くは、自分たちのバック練習することはできませんが反転しますので、私たちはツアー中♪実践するために使用される幅広い段階で使用されます。そのおかげで、私はツアーの初めに一度に1つを行うことが、今の行の多くを行うことができます! 、私は(笑)を行うことはできませんしかし、私が私の背中にたくさん練習しない反転、私はゆっくりと、すべての行で、それらを行うことができない私は非常に...今も落ち込んだ。ときは冬の国のツアーを開始、私は再でしょう、それらの実践。


この時のツアーの私の最高のメモリは、実際には、私は2回私の誕生日を祝うことになったです!最初の時間は、福岡のコンサートでは、としたときには、MC、ファンたちは、すべての歌、"ハッピーバースデーあなたに"...私はreaaallyので、reaaally驚いた何も知らなかったが、開始と私reaaallyし、満足していた開始ただし、私は少し戸惑い、私は(笑)泣いている。ので、どうなるかは何も想定札幌のコンサートでは、私の誕生日をすでに過ぎていたが、再び歌って... ...それは私の生活の中では初めての人のようにでかい金額を私の誕生日望んだされました。そのおかげで、1つの思い出に残る誕生日でした!みんな〜、ありがとう〜!
コンサート終了後、私はどのようにファンに向けて午前感謝を実現しました。これらのすべてだけでなく、乗車券だけでなく、交通費の可能性もホテルの料金を支払う必要があった。私は本当に喜んでいた、と私は、最高の思い出と家に帰るにそれらすべてをしたかったので、私はできるだけファンの近くに行ったことを確認した。ああ、しかし、かつて私は彼らの近くに行くか、誰か"と話した模倣タム(犬)!"、と私は本当にして雷文模様の!まあ、私は、"ワンワンだよ!"しかし、彼らは笑ったし、私も恥ずかしい思いをした... ...もちろん、私の心を歌と精力的に非常に重要である踊り。そのため、私はコンサート中に、たくさん走ってたくさん踊っていた。私は人にジャンプを知ってほしい。私は難しいので、その時の人、中島悠、彼らもジャンプを考えると言う作業をします!


私は自分自身のためには、ファンの私の別の部分を楽しむことができる何かを変更する予定です。例えば、今回のツアーで、私は悠人とのデュエット曲でした- kunさん"と呼ばれるあなたとあなた"私は私は非常に悪いんだ、ダンス、タップに挑戦。私は"SUMARRY中にタップダンスしよう"しかし、私は右のそれを得ることができませんでした... ...まるで私の足になるだろう(笑)もつれた私はいつも感じていた。これは、ダンスを覚えるが、多くの時間をしたときに私のトラブル、勇人にいた- kunさんは慣行スムーズに助けてくれた!私は、私と悠くんはこの曲にはとてもいい組み合わせていると思う。
私はさらに今では私個人のことをたくさんやってる、それを感じるようにジャンプ私に静かになりますている。友人や家族からは、あなたの側で人々が知って異なる世界で一番幸せを感じている。 10私たちと、私たちこれまで以上に強力になりたい。私は嵐、私の尊敬グループよう、我々は国立でコンサートを持つことができる大きさにしたい!私たち、国立のを待ちます〜!


前にもコンサートを始め、私はいつも棒で性能が得られると思っていました。それだけでは本当にクールだ。 Yamachan一度ので、私はそれについて彼に尋ねた棒でパフォーマンスを行っていた。それから彼は、"ダンスはかなり困難であると述べた。"私は失うものは嫌って、そのタイプですので、後に同氏は語り、私は、さらにスティック挑戦したいと思っていることに私(笑)。私のダンスの方がになりたいです。私はすべての課題を克服する必要があります!全体としては、実際の性能は、私の曲"ダンス"と呼ばれる棒を使ってのダンスでした。としてのタイトルは、すべてのすべての踊りの歌の提案。高木くん、"あなたは、歌ってください"しかし、私は速すぎて私にとっては、歌を感じた私は尋ねた。今のところ、私の体は非常にためではなく、歌うエネルギッシュで、私はダンスのすべての私のエネルギーを使用します。この歌の最後の最後で、私はカメラを見てと言って、"みんな〜、私はあなたの愛〜"3""
今の私の目標とヒカルのような話をするくんできるように面白いようになることです! 、MCの中に、私は皆さんと話す速度なので、話をする右の時間を見つけることができませんでしたを維持することはできません。そしてそれはあまりにもすべての時間に発生します。私はより正常に会話できるようにします。私としては、これから開催されるコンサートでたくさんの話をすると私の会話能力を強化するように、☆に気をつけてください。プラン


これは本当に面白いのは約1カ月で、別の場所と半分のツアー、および時間は本当に迅速で可決した。私は通常の休暇のため、私には移動しないと、このツアーでは休暇のようなものだったし、素晴らしい夏休みの思い出を作っ。切れの思い出は、大阪のニュースを私に大きな印象を与えた。かどうかは、ホテルでの、またはコンサートドームで、誰もが関西で話していた(Osakan方言)ベンと方言本当に新鮮だったと私は本当に幸せだった。私が彼らに聞いていたのは、Osakan方言どうか私たちの会話が長すぎる(笑)に転落した。ファンのすべてが本当に面白いと私たちのすべての多くに興奮していた。しかし、それらを笑わせるためのハードルはかなり高かった。 (Osakan人/西洋日本の人々が面白いコメディアンにとって、それゆえに大阪人を東京iANSの笑)するのは難しいが知られている、MCの中、私たちによると、同じ冗談を、私たちには別の場所で、他のファンに伝え、彼らは笑ったではなく、大阪人...とはアクセスの際に起こったたくさんいた。関西の壁はかなり厚さ! (彼にそれを笑わせるのが大変だったということです。)
この時、私のソロ曲"バビロンと呼ばれたbabyylon"とは、もともとは、"早口ブギとは、サーカスのシーン接続のBGMになるはずだった。"(私は本当に分からないものは、この早口ブギは... BGMを=に戻るアースミュージック。)最初は、私は言うには、"おいへようこそになっていた!言う!サーカス"は英語で、私は実際に歌っていた〜。その後、のBGMに追加する歌詞は"バビロンになった。"我々は唯一のコンサート中に、私は彼らとの楽しい時間を過ごすためと思い、私は彼らに、すべてのファンの歓声返すように望んでいたファンにも会うことができます。しかし、彼らは"とバク転しない、"私はそれはありませんでした。残念に思う。私はこれは本当に薄い舞台だったし、それのようだった、"私はそれをやってみたいが、それは間違いなくもここで行うのは危険だ... ..."だからではなく、私は、メインステージで開幕したアンコールで...君たちは全く気づかなかった?
コンサートが終わった後、私たちのすべてはまだとても高いしているので、ホテルの部屋でバカバカしくて、あらゆる種類のでしたされました。まで、彼はすべて私たちの笑う私なので、私たちとキャップシャワーを着て、写真を撮って、カードゲームの大富豪の敗者をDaichanの時間を費やしギャグを一度だけです。しかし、もともとDaichanと私は本当に人を笑わせることはありません。だから私達は失うことはない。とするときDaichan、私は20分間の笑いをしていないが失わでした。のように私は彼をいじめされたそれはないが、彼の顔が、彼はギャグを出すとしていた本当にかわいいされ、私は自分自身と約束した、"私はまだ笑っていない"と述べた。最後に、Daican"と話したHizakozou!"と私は笑って、それ以上だった。 (そうでもないもの"hizakozou"ことを意味します... ...膝の子?WTF)は11。彼は彼の膝を突き出していたが、それなりに面白いされました。これは、修学旅行のように思えたし、本当に楽しかったです!
aNd ini TraNzLatE.a…..

English Translate …

Yamada Ryosuke

The piece that I liked the most during the concert was “Asia no Yoru.”(Asia’s Night) But, I’ve played that song over and over again in the last concerts and butais (plays) so inside me, it’s been a little bit overplayed. I thought that if I had just sung it, the fans would be tired of the song… so I added a vigorous dance to it! One point about my costume for my solo piece that I really cared about is the fact that I put magic tape over the places where the button was supposed to be on my collared shirt. It was so that I could change quickly into it, and also so that I could quickly take it off <3.>
I often play the card game millionaire with the other members in the hotel rooms, and we all get very excited about that. (I had no idea what the millionaire card game was so I researched it. Basically, you want to get rid of your cards the fastest. You pass out the cards to all the members, until the cards are all gone. Then, the first person puts down a card. The second person must put a ‘stronger’ card down than the first person. The strongest card is the joker, then 2,1,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,0,5,4 and 3 is the weakest. If players don’t have a stronger card, or they just don’t want to put down a card, they can pass however many times they want to. The person who’s cards are gone the fastest is the winner. )Playing cards comes with a batsu game (punishment), and if you lose, then you have to keep on doing gags until you make everybody laugh. It’s pretty hard-. I don’t really know the rules of millionaire in the first place, and even when I think I had a strong card and I have a lot of confidence in myself, the other members say, “You can’t put that card down!”… I risked my body and did the batsu game. What I did is a secret, because it was very embarrassing (laughs).
I practice my back flips during the time I had in the tour. Now that I think about it, I wasn’t really in the back room a lot. If I normally live, there’s not a lot of space that people can practice their back flips, so I used the wide stages that we used throughout the tour to practice♪. Thanks to that, I could only do one at a time at the beginning of the tour, but now I can do a lot in the row! But, when I don’t practice a lot on my back flips, I slowly couldn’t do them all in a row and I got very depressed… Even now, I can’t do them (laughs). When the winter all-country tour starts, I’ll re-practice them.

Yuto Nakajima
My best memory of this time’s tour is the fact that I got to celebrate my birthday twice! The first time was at the Fukuoka concert, and when the MC started, the fans all started singing, “Happy Birthday to you-“… I reaaally didn’t know anything, so I was reaaally surprised, and I was reaaally happy, and although I was a little bit embarrassed, I cried (laughs). At the Sapporo concert, my birthday had already passed so I assumed that nothing would happen, but they sang again… It was the first time in my life that such a humongous amount of people wished me happy birthday. Thanks to that, it was one unforgettable birthday! Everybody~, thank you~!!
My solo corner, at first, wasn’t supposed to do it with Chinen. But, when I was choosing the songs and “You&You” came up, both me and Chinen liked it. On top of that, the first time I heard that song, the image of me and Chinen dancing came up. So I asked Chinen, “Do you want to do it with me?” and he accepted. During the song, I challenged a new type of tap dancing. There’s this part where there’s tiny little steps while turning, and the speed is so fast that if you look from far away, it just looks like I’m just spinning (laughs). In this song, Chinen also challenged tap. Although Chinen has this image of being amazing at dancing and acrobatics, and also amazing at sports, but he’s actually not that good at tap dancing. It was really rare to see that side of him, and it was somewhat cute ♪. Okay, I have to intrude. EVERYTHING Chinen does according to Yuto is cute period.
After the concert, I realized how thankful I am towards the fans. They all had to pay not only the ticket fee, but also transportation fees and possibly even hotel fees. I was really glad, and I wanted all of them to go home with the best memories, so I made sure I went as close to the fans as possible. Oh, but once I did go close to them, and somebody said, “Imitate Tamu (dog)!”, and I really fretted then! Well, I did say, “Wan wan!” but they laughed and I was so embarrassed… Of course, singing my heart out and dancing vigorously is very important. Because of that, I ran a lot during the concert, and danced a lot. I want people to know me as JUMP. I will work hard so that when people say Nakajima Yuto, they also think about JUMP!

Chinen Yuuri

During the tour, the card game, “Millionaire” was a huge hit! The people who were really into it were me, Daichan, Keito, Hikaru-kun, and Ryutaro. Ryutaro was so weak that it was funny, and every time he lost. When the game is over, the loser has to show his card to everybody, and Ryutaro shows is strong cards as if he’s saying, “I’m not going to lose this time.” While he’s glorifying over his cards, the game ends (laughs). I’m pretty strong at that game ♪To win this card game, it’s important that you have quick reactions and instinct! Even in the hotels, we were all playing cards. There was even one time when we were all so concentrated in playing cards that we fell asleep while playing. It was very fun!
To me, the concert is like a festival. We sing, dance and meet the fans… there’s no other time when we’re as happy than when we do all those things! First thing we do when we go up on stage is to fully enjoy everything with our hearts. When we laugh and smile and have fun, we think that our feelings can expel to the fans. Oppositely, there are a lot of times when we get energy from the fans. Like the JUMP call. Right before the start of the concert, we all listen to everybody’s voices and wait below the stage. When I hear our voices being shouted, I get extremely excited! I always feel as if the fans are pushing my back during that moment when we appear on stage. At the Fukuoka concert, there was a JUMP call 40 minutes before the start of the concert and we were all surprised. All your voices were heard in the back room ♪
I hope to change something about myself so that the fans can enjoy a different part of me. For example, in this time’s tour, I did a duet with Yuto-kun called “YOU & YOU” I challenged tap dancing, which I’m pretty bad at. I tried tap dancing during “SUMARRY” but I could never get it right… I’ve always felt as if my feet would get tangled (laughs). It took a lot of time memorizing the dance, but whenever I was in trouble, Yuto-kun helped me so practices went smoothly! I think that me and Yuto-kun makes a pretty good combination in this song.
I feel it even more now that I’m doing a lot of things solo, so being with JUMP makes me calm. Different from friends or family, knowing that you have people at your side is the happiest feeling in the world. With the 10 of us, I want us to be stronger than ever before. I want to be big as Arashi, my admired group, so that we can have concerts at the Kokuritsu! Wait for us, Kokuritsu~!

Morimoto Ryutaro

Even before the concert started, I’ve always wanted to have a performance with a stick. It just looks really cool. Yamachan had done a performance with a stick once so I asked him about it. Then he said, “The dance is pretty difficult.” Since I’m that type who hates to lose, I’ve wanted to challenge the stick even more after he said that to me (laughs). Because I want to become better at dance. I have to overcome all the challenges! Overall, in the actual performance, I did a dance with a song called “DANCE” using a stick. As the title suggests, it’s all dancing and no singing at all. Takaki-kun asked me, “You should sing,” but I felt that singing was too fast for me. Right now, my body is extremely energetic so rather than singing, I want to use all my energy on dancing. At the very end of this song, I look at the camera and say, “Everybody~, I love you~ <3”>
The thing I’m always excited for during tours is that the catering is different each time we go to a different place. Within the members, I’m on the side that eats a lot. If I didn’t have anything to do, the only thing I would do is to look through the catering room (laughs). The one thing I remember the most is the chicken fries at Hokkaido. That moment when you eat the chicken fry, you can hear the crunch! It was the first time that I’ve eaten such good chicken fry ♪ After I eaten, I would usually play games and be really lazy. Then 30 minutes before the start of the concert, the fans would say, “JUMP, JUMP” and do the JUMP call and that’s what I wake up with. When I hear that voice, I think, “I don’t have time to play around!” and get extremely nervous and I go under the stage really quickly.
My goal for now on is to become as funny and to be able to talk like Hikaru-kun! During the MC, I can’t keep with everybody’s talking speed, so I couldn’t find the right time to talk. And it happens all the time too. I want to be able to talk more normally. I plan to talk a lot more in the upcoming concerts and strengthening my talking abilities, so please watch out for that ☆

Okamoto Keito

It was really fun touring the different places in about a month and a half, and time passed by really quickly. I usually don’t go on vacations, so to me, this tour was like a vacation and it made great summer vacation memories. Out of the memories, Osaka made a big impression on me. Whether it’s at the hotel or at the concert dome, everybody was speaking in Kansai-ben (an Osakan dialect) and that dialect was really fresh and I was really happy. When I was listening to them, the Osakan dialect somehow slipped into our conversation too (laughs). The fans were all really funny and we all got excited a lot. But the hurdle for making them laugh was quite high. (Osakan people/ western Japanese people are known for their funny comedians, hence it is harder to make Osakans laugh then Tokyo-ians) During the MC we said the same joke that we told the other fans in other different places and they laughed, but not the Osakans… and there were a lot of times when that happened. Kansai’s wall was pretty thick! (He means that it was hard to make them laugh.)
This time, my solo song was called “Babylon –babyylon-“ and it was originally supposed to be the BGM that connected the circus scene with “Hayakuchi Bugi.” (I’m not really sure what this Hayakuchi Bugi is… BGM= Back Ground Music.) At first, I was supposed to say, “Welcome to the Hey! Say! Circus” in English, but I really wanted to sing~. Then, adding lyrics to the BGM became “Babylon.” We can only meet the fans during concerts, so I wanted to have a fun time with them and I wanted to return all the fan’s cheers to them. But when they said, “Do a backflip,” I couldn’t do it. Sorry. I was on this really thin stage, and it was like, “I want to do it, but it’s definitely too dangerous to do it here…” So instead, during the encore I did a backflip on the main stage… did you guys notice?
After the concert was over, we’re all still really high so we did all sorts of crazy stuff in the hotel rooms. I spent a lot of time with Daichan, so we took pictures with us wearing shower caps, and making the loser of the card game Millionaire do one-time gags until he makes all of us laugh. But, originally Daichan and I don’t really make people laugh. So we never lose. And when Daichan did lose, I didn’t laugh for 20 minutes. It’s not like I was bullying him, but his face when he was trying to come up with the gags was really cute and I promised myself, “I won’t laugh yet.” In the end, Daican said, “Hizakozou!” and I laughed and it was over. (Not really sure what “hizakozou” means… Knee child? Wtf). He was just sticking his knee out, but it was somewhat funny. It seemed like a school excursion and it was really fun!

Indonesia Translate…

Yamada Ryosuke

Bagian yang paling aku suka selama konser itu "Asia tidak Yoru." (Asia's Night) Tapi, aku memainkan lagu itu berulang lagi di konser terakhir dan butais (bermain), jadi di dalam diriku, sudah agak agak dilebih-lebihkan. Saya berpikir bahwa jika saya baru saja dinyanyikan itu, para penggemar akan bosan dengan lagu ... jadi saya menambahkan menari penuh semangat itu! Satu hal tentang kostum untuk bagian solo saya bahwa saya benar-benar peduli adalah kenyataan bahwa Aku meletakkan plester ajaib tempat-tempat di mana tombol yang seharusnya di kemeja berkerah. Ini adalah supaya aku bisa berubah dengan cepat ke dalamnya, dan juga agar saya bisa cepat melepasnya <3.>Ini adalah ide saya untuk melepaskan pakaian selama solo. Cara yang aku melepaskan pakaian saya tergantung pada bagaimana aku merasa bahwa ... aku berpikir. Jika ada lebih banyak penggemar berteriak, maka pasti aku akan melepas lebih banyak pakaian ♪ Saya sangat senang bahwa para penggemar gembira hanya oleh saya melepas bajuku. Karena di rumah, setelah aku mandi dan aku berjalan di sekitar rumah dengan hanya celana pendek, tidak ada yang berkata, "Kyaa ~!" Ibuku hanya berkata, "Anda akan mendapatkan begitu dingin mengenakan sesuatu yang" dan yang berakhir ( tertawa). Saya sangat senang bahwa orang-orang merasa senang hanya dengan melihat tubuh saya tidak keren. (Menurut kamus listrik saya, "dasai" sebenarnya berarti tawar / mentah / udik / mode. Tapi saya rasa dingin akan melakukannya.) Jika setiap orang bisa bahagia, maka saya akan tetapi banyak melepas baju saya perlu <3.>Saya sering memainkan permainan kartu jutawan dengan anggota lain di kamar hotel, dan kita semua menjadi sangat bersemangat tentang itu. (Aku tidak tahu apa permainan kartu jutawan itu jadi aku melakukan riset. Pada dasarnya, Anda ingin menyingkirkan kartu Anda tercepat. Anda pingsan kartu untuk semua anggota, sampai semua kartu hilang. Kemudian, yang pertama orang meletakkan kartu. Orang kedua harus meletakkan 'kuat' kartu turun daripada orang pertama. kartu terkuat adalah pelawak, lalu 2,1,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6, 0,5,4 dan 3 adalah yang paling lemah. Jika pemain tidak memiliki kartu yang lebih kuat, atau mereka hanya tidak ingin meletakkan kartu tersebut, namun mereka dapat melewati berkali-kali mereka ingin. Orang kartu yang hilang tercepat adalah pemenangnya.) Playing card datang dengan permainan batsu (hukuman), dan jika Anda kalah, maka Anda harus terus melakukan lelucon sampai Anda membuat setiap orang tertawa. It's pretty keras. Aku tidak benar-benar tahu aturan jutawan di tempat pertama, dan bahkan ketika saya pikir saya punya kartu kuat dan aku punya banyak percaya diri, anggota-anggota lain berkata, "Anda tidak dapat menempatkan kartu itu turun! "... aku mempertaruhkan tubuh saya dan melakukan permainan batsu. Apa yang saya lakukan adalah suatu rahasia, karena itu sangat memalukan (tertawa).
Saya berlatih punggungku membalik selama waktu saya di tur. Sekarang aku berpikir tentang hal itu, aku tidak benar-benar di ruang belakang banyak. Kalau aku biasanya tinggal, tidak ada banyak ruang bahwa orang dapat berlatih kembali mereka membalik, jadi aku menggunakan lebar tahap-tahap yang kami gunakan di seluruh tur untuk berlatih ♪. Berkat itu, saya hanya bisa melakukan satu pada satu waktu di awal tur, tapi sekarang aku dapat melakukan banyak hal di baris! Tapi, ketika saya tidak berlatih banyak di punggung saya membalik, aku perlahan-lahan tidak bisa melakukan semuanya dalam satu baris dan aku sangat tertekan ... Bahkan sekarang, aku tidak bisa melakukan itu (tertawa). Ketika musim dingin semua negara-tur dimulai, aku akan kembali praktik mereka.

Nakajima Yuto

Kenangan terbaik saya tur kali ini adalah kenyataan bahwa aku harus merayakan ulang tahun saya dua kali! Pertama kali berada di Fukuoka konser, dan ketika MC mulai, para penggemar semua mulai bernyanyi, "Happy Birthday to you-" ... aku reaaally tidak tahu apa-apa, jadi aku reaaally terkejut, dan aku reaaally bahagia, dan walaupun aku sedikit malu, aku menangis (tertawa). Di Sapporo konser, ulang tahun saya sudah berlalu sehingga aku menduga bahwa tidak akan terjadi, tetapi mereka bernyanyi lagi ... Ini adalah pertama kalinya dalam hidupku yang seperti jumlah orang humongous mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun. Terima kasih untuk itu, ini adalah salah satu ulang tahun yang tak terlupakan! Semua orang ~, terima kasih ~!!
Pojok solo saya, pada awalnya, tidak boleh melakukannya dengan Chinen. Tapi, ketika saya memilih lagu dan "Kamu & Kamu" datang, baik saya dan Chinen menyukainya. Di atas semua itu, pertama kali aku mendengar lagu itu, gambaran saya dan Chinen menari datang. Jadi aku bertanya Chinen, "Apakah Anda ingin melakukannya dengan aku?" Dan ia menerimanya. Selama lagu, saya menantang tipe baru berdansa tap. Ada bagian di mana ada langkah-langkah kecil saat berputar, dan kecepatan sangat cepat sehingga jika Anda melihat dari jauh, hanya tampak seperti aku hanya berputar-putar (tertawa). Dalam lagu ini, Chinen juga menantang tekan. Meskipun Chinen memiliki citra ini menjadi luar biasa di menari dan akrobat, dan juga luar biasa di olahraga, tapi dia benar-benar tidak pandai menari tap. Sungguh langka untuk melihat sisi dia, dan itu agak lucu ♪. Oke, saya harus mengganggu. SEGALANYA Chinen tidak sesuai dengan Yuto adalah periode lucu.
Setelah konser, aku menyadari betapa aku bersyukur terhadap para penggemar. Mereka semua harus tidak hanya membayar biaya tiket, tetapi juga biaya transportasi dan bahkan mungkin biaya hotel. Aku benar-benar senang, dan aku ingin semua dari mereka untuk pulang dengan kenangan yang terbaik, jadi aku memastikan aku pergi sebagai dekat dengan penggemar mungkin. Oh, tapi begitu aku pergi dekat dengan mereka, dan seseorang berkata, "Menirukan Tamu (anjing)!", Dan aku benar-benar resah kalau begitu! Yah, aku berkata, "Wan wan!" Tapi mereka tertawa dan aku begitu malu ... Tentu saja, hatiku bernyanyi dan menari dengan penuh semangat sangat penting. Karena itu, aku berlari banyak selama konser, dan menari banyak. Saya ingin orang tahu saya sebagai JUMP. Aku akan bekerja keras sehingga ketika orang berkata Nakajima Yuto, mereka juga berpikir tentang JUMP!

Chinen Yuuri

Selama tur, permainan kartu, "Millionaire" adalah sukses besar! Orang-orang yang benar-benar menjadi itu aku, Daichan, Keito, Hikaru-kun, dan Ryutaro. Ryutaro begitu lemah itu lucu, dan setiap kali dia kehilangan. Ketika permainan berakhir, yang kalah harus menunjukkan kartu namanya pada semua orang, dan Ryutaro menunjukkan kartu kuat seolah-olah dia berkata, "Aku tidak akan kehilangan waktu ini." Sementara dia memuliakan atas kartu, permainan berakhir ( tertawa). Aku cukup kuat pada permainan itu ♪ Untuk memenangkan permainan kartu ini, penting bahwa Anda memiliki reaksi cepat dan naluri! Bahkan di hotel, kami semua bermain kartu. Bahkan ada satu saat ketika kami semua begitu terkonsentrasi di bermain kartu yang kami tertidur sambil bermain. Hal itu sangat menyenangkan!
Bagi saya, konser ini seperti sebuah festival. Kami bernyanyi, menari dan memenuhi fans ... tidak ada waktu lain ketika kita sama bahagia daripada ketika kita melakukan semua hal itu! Hal pertama yang kita lakukan ketika kita naik panggung adalah untuk menikmati segala sesuatu dengan hati kita. Ketika kita tertawa dan tersenyum dan bersenang-senang, kita berpikir bahwa perasaan kita dapat mengusir kepada para penggemar. Malah, ada banyak kali ketika kita mendapatkan energi dari para penggemar. Seperti panggilan JUMP. Tepat sebelum dimulainya konser, kita semua mendengarkan suara-suara semua orang dan menunggu di bawah panggung. Ketika saya mendengar suara kami yang berteriak, aku sangat senang! Saya selalu merasa seolah-olah penggemar mendorong punggungku pada saat itu ketika kita tampil di atas panggung. Pada konser Fukuoka, ada panggilan JUMP 40 menit sebelum dimulainya konser dan kami semua terkejut. Semua suara Anda terdengar di ruang belakang ♪
Saya berharap untuk mengubah sesuatu tentang diriku sendiri sehingga para penggemar dapat menikmati bagian yang berbeda dari diriku. Sebagai contoh, dalam tur kali ini, aku melakukan duet dengan Yuto-kun yang disebut "ANDA & ANDA" Aku menantang berdansa tap, yang aku cukup buruk. Aku mencoba berdansa tap selama "SUMARRY" tapi aku tak pernah bisa benar ... Aku selalu merasa seolah-olah kakiku akan terjerat (tertawa). Butuh banyak waktu menghafal tarian, tapi setiap kali aku dalam kesulitan, Yuto-kun membantu saya sehingga praktek berjalan lancar! Aku berpikir bahwa aku dan Yuto-kun membuat kombinasi yang cukup baik di lagu ini.
Saya merasa bahkan lebih sekarang bahwa aku melakukan banyak hal solo, jadi berada bersama JUMP membuat saya tenang. Berbeda dari teman-teman atau keluarga, mengetahui bahwa Anda memiliki orang-orang di sisi Anda adalah perasaan paling bahagia di dunia. Dengan 10 dari kami, aku ingin kita menjadi lebih kuat daripada sebelumnya. Aku ingin menjadi besar seperti Arashi, saya mengagumi kelompok, sehingga kita dapat memiliki konser di Kokuritsu! Tunggu bagi kami, Kokuritsu ~!

Morimoto Ryutaro

Bahkan sebelum konser dimulai, aku selalu ingin memiliki kinerja dengan tongkat. Hanya tampak benar-benar keren. Yamachan telah melakukan kinerja dengan tongkat sekali jadi aku bertanya kepadanya tentang hal itu. Kemudian ia berkata, "Tarian itu cukup sulit." Karena saya bahwa tipe orang yang suka kalah, aku sudah ingin menantang tongkat bahkan lebih setelah dia mengatakan bahwa untuk saya (tertawa). Karena aku ingin menjadi lebih baik dalam menari. Aku harus mengatasi semua tantangan! Secara keseluruhan, dalam performa yang sebenarnya, aku berdansa dengan sebuah lagu yang berjudul "Dance" menggunakan tongkat. Seperti judulnya, itu semua tidak menari dan menyanyi sama sekali. Takaki-kun bertanya kepada saya, "Kau harus bernyanyi," tapi aku merasa bahwa menyanyi terlalu cepat bagi saya. Sekarang, tubuh saya sangat energik jadi daripada menyanyi, saya ingin menggunakan semua energi saya menari. Pada akhir lagu ini, saya melihat kamera dan berkata, "Semua orang ~, aku mencintaimu ~ <3">Aku tidak pernah mengatakan bahwa sebelumnya, dan semua orang yang menonton, dan wajahku mengambil seluruh layar di depan kubah ... Tapi saya sangat bahagia karena aku punya banyak berdansa ♪ Tapi solo penuh saat-saat memalukan ... aku berpikir
Masalahnya Aku selalu bersemangat untuk selama tur adalah bahwa katering yang berbeda setiap kali kita pergi ke tempat yang berbeda. Dalam anggota, aku di sisi yang makan banyak. Jika aku tidak punya apa-apa yang harus dilakukan, satu-satunya hal yang akan saya lakukan adalah untuk melihat melalui ruang katering (tertawa). Satu hal yang paling saya ingat adalah ayam goreng di Hokkaido. Saat itu ketika Anda makan ayam goreng, Anda dapat mendengar prak! Ini adalah pertama kalinya bahwa saya sudah makan ayam goreng begitu baik ♪ Setelah saya makan, saya biasanya bermain permainan dan benar-benar malas. Kemudian 30 menit sebelum dimulainya konser, para penggemar akan berkata, "JUMP, JUMP" dan melakukan panggilan JUMP dan itulah yang aku bangun dengan. Ketika saya mendengar suara itu, saya berpikir, "Aku tidak punya waktu untuk bermain-main!" Dan menjadi sangat gugup dan aku pergi di bawah panggung sangat cepat.
Tujuan saya untuk saat ini adalah untuk menjadi seperti lucu dan dapat berbicara seperti Hikaru-kun! Selama MC, saya tidak bisa semua orang berbicara dengan kecepatan, jadi saya tidak bisa menemukan waktu yang tepat untuk bicara. Dan itu terjadi setiap saat juga. Saya ingin bisa berbicara lebih normal. Saya berencana untuk berbicara lebih banyak dalam konser yang akan datang dan memperkuat kemampuan berbicara saya, jadi harap hati-hati untuk itu

Okamoto Keito

Ini benar-benar menyenangkan berkeliling tempat-tempat yang berbeda dalam waktu sekitar satu bulan setengah, dan waktu berlalu dengan sangat cepat. Saya biasanya tidak pergi pada liburan, jadi untuk saya, wisata ini adalah seperti sebuah liburan dan membuat liburan musim panas besar kenangan. Keluar dari kenangan, Osaka membuat kesan yang besar pada saya. Baik itu di hotel atau di konser kubah, semua orang berbicara di Kansai-ben (sebuah Osakan dialek) dan dialek yang benar-benar segar dan aku benar-benar bahagia. Ketika aku sedang mendengarkan mereka, entah bagaimana dialek Osakan menyelinap ke percakapan kami juga (tertawa). Penggemar semua benar-benar lucu dan kami semua bersemangat banyak. Tapi rintangan untuk membuat mereka tertawa cukup tinggi. (Osakan orang / barat Japanese people yang dikenal dengan pelawak lucu, maka lebih sulit untuk membuat tertawa kemudian Osakans Tokyo-ians) Selama MC kita mengatakan lelucon yang sama bahwa kita mengatakan kepada penggemar lainnya di berbagai tempat lain dan mereka tertawa, tapi bukan Osakans ... dan ada banyak waktu ketika itu terjadi. Kansai's dinding cukup tebal! (La berarti bahwa sulit untuk membuat mereka tertawa.)
Kali ini, saya lagu solo disebut "Babel-babyylon-" dan itu awalnya seharusnya BGM yang menghubungkan adegan sirkus dengan "Hayakuchi Bugi." (Saya tidak begitu yakin apa Bugi Hayakuchi ini adalah ... BGM = Kembali tanah Musik.) Pada awalnya, aku seharusnya mengatakan, "Selamat datang di Hei! Berkata! Sirkus "dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi aku benar-benar ingin bernyanyi ~. Kemudian, menambahkan lirik BGM menjadi "Babel." Kita hanya bisa memenuhi penggemar selama konser, jadi saya ingin bersenang-senang dengan mereka dan aku ingin kembali semua fan sorak-sorai kepada mereka. Tapi ketika mereka berkata, "Lakukan backflip," Aku tidak bisa melakukannya. Menyesal. Aku berada di tahap ini benar-benar tipis, dan rasanya seperti, "Aku ingin melakukannya, tapi itu jelas terlalu berbahaya untuk melakukannya di sini ..." Jadi, selama encore saya melakukan backflip di panggung utama ... apa kalian melihat ?
Setelah konser selesai, kita semua masih sangat tinggi sehingga kami melakukan segala macam barang gila di kamar hotel. Saya menghabiskan banyak waktu dengan Daichan, jadi kami mengambil gambar bersama kami mengenakan topi mandi, dan membuat yang kalah dalam permainan kartu Millionaire melakukan satu kali lelucon sampai dia membuat kita semua tertawa. Tapi, awalnya Daichan dan aku tidak benar-benar membuat orang tertawa. Jadi kita tidak pernah kalah. Dan ketika Daichan tidak kalah, aku tidak tertawa selama 20 menit. Bukan seperti aku menggertak dia, tapi wajahnya ketika ia mencoba untuk datang dengan lelucon yang benar-benar lucu dan aku berjanji pada diri sendiri, "Aku tidak akan tertawa lagi." Pada akhirnya, Daican berkata, "Hizakozou!" Dan Aku tertawa dan itu sudah berakhir. (Tidak benar-benar yakin apa "hizakozou" berarti ... Knee anak? WTF). Dia hanya menjulurkan lutut keluar, tapi agak lucu. Rasanya seperti darmawisata sekolah dan itu benar-benar menyenangkan!



InterView HSJ in Myojo

Inni wkTu interview Hey!Say!JUMP di Majalah Myojo Desember 2008….
(wwwaaahhhhhhh….. dah Lma yYa)…..

Myojo December 2008 - 1 Year Anniversary Hey!Say!JUMP Wai Wai Talk Party

JUMP was formed. The days when deepened our friendship a bit at a time.
Yabu: Well, it’s been a year from Hey!Say!JUMP’s debut ☆ That’s why we’d like to have a discussion with the 10 of us… Wait, Takaki isn’t here. Hey~, come here.
Takaki: (From really far away) I’m fine, I’ll talk from here.
Yaotome: No, a round table discussion!
Takaki: Eh. Okay (and joins in the circle)
Yabu: Okay. Well, as I was saying. First question is “within this 1 year, what left you an impression?”.
Yamada: Of course it’d be announcing our debut at Yokohama Arena
Chinen: Eh, not so much for me… Our first concert at Tokyo Dome had more impact on me.
Takaki: Yeah. I was very touched by the number of fans there.
Arioka: Mine would be SUMMARY. Like sword fights, the sense of accomplishment is over the top. And it was fun.
Morimoto: Concert at Osaka Jo-Hall for me! Because everyone in the audience celebrated my birthday♪
Yabu: …. Well, everyone is quite all over the place but do you remember the day we were formed?
Yamada: We were supposed to keep it a secret from our parents and friends until the announcements. That’s why I was practicing the dance move to our debut song in secret.
Takaki: Also, [they didn’t tell us with] all ten of us, it was to 2~3 people in a small scale at a time.
Yamada: I was so happy that I wanted to tell people but I was doing my best to keep quiet because my principle is don’t say anything you’re not supposed to. But, it was just for 3 days (laughs).
Takaki: Yeah. I didn’t even mention the “D” in debut to my family. I only told them “watch the TV today” when I went out.
Nakajima: We also had to keep this a secret to everyone and the fact that I was debuting was so big to me that I didn’t feel like I was one of the JUMP member then.
Yaotome: Since we were in that kind of situation, I felt “oh~ crap!” the moment they announced. I started hearing fans cheering. I felt nervous even though I knew I was going to be one of the members.
Inoo: Remember how they introduced each member on the screen with our faces and names? I was the 6th or 7th one but I was thinking “I don’t think I’m going to get called… What should I do? I guess I’d just go home like I always do” (laughs).
Okamoto: I just became a Jr. and I was nervous if the audiences will start saying “why is Okamoto debuting?”
Morimoto: I thought I was too early to debut, too. My dance skills were still not ready…
Takaki: I was just really happy. Oh but I wasn’t just happy
Yaotome: I was full of pressure….
Yabu: Me too. There’s many people and when I saw your face I was like “Woah, I’m the oldest”. I started feeling I’m the one who have to support everyone and I got kind of responsibility.
Yaotome: The oldest are Yabu and Takaki but… Takaki is Takaki (laughs).
Takaki: Eh~ what’s that suppose to mean.
Arioka: You were always playing with your cell phone that you never try to be with us.
Yamada: His mental age is 3rd year middle school, too.
Inoo: He sometimes wears clothing that you would go to a nearby convenience store, sweat pants & T shirt kind of so random clothing to work.
Okamoto: He takes really long time on hair and make, too.
Yaotome: I’m the one who informs Takaki when he’s is doing nothing. Yabu and I are the one who gets in trouble for the member’s mistakes. If something happens it’s always Yabu and Yaotome… I’m younger than you. Gosh.
Takaki: Sorry sorry (hasty) But I was worried if we were going to get on to a good start, too.
Yabu: Well, there was a brat like Morimoto and Keito joined the agency just a while ago, then.
Morimoto: A brat? (Tears)
Nakajima: It’s okay (laughs)
Chinen: That reminds me, we used to talk to each other in formal speaking. I was talking to Yabu kun with “~desu”. I think we even tried to spy on each other. I can’t even imagine that now!
Inoo: It was awkward at first even with Hikaru, who I get along now. But our way back home was the same so…, right!?
Yaotome: Not really the same, you just followed me. I kept telling you not to follow me.
Inoo: Hey! But you looked like you were having fun when I’m with you.
Yaotome: Okay okay.
Arioka: 80% of what Inoo chan says is lies though
Inoo: Wasn’t that a bit harsh (laughs)?
Arioka: When I ask you a question you always answer me with a lie. And I’m asking you seriously, too! I think you got the person wrong each time someone asked you.
Inoo: Ouch… It’s just a cute joke. Give me a break~.
Okamoto: Hey hey, me and Hikaru kun got along more, right?!
Inoo: Everyone is “I became friends with Hikaru” (laughs).
Yaotome: Well, I am in charge of JUMP’s communication.
Okamoto: When we just started, I didn’t even know what to say to you when we were all alone during location change.
Yaotome: That was awkward! The subject of conversation never matched. But we are totally fine now.
Takaki: Lately, you guys are together during interview break time.
Okamoto: Hikaru kun was the first one to talk to me.
Yaotome: Yup. You seemed nervous since you just joined that’s why I talked to you by asking “teach me English” to get close to you. I started like this with Keito because I was worried.
Okamoto: Remember you said you’d take me to billiard a while ago?
Yaotome: Oh yeah.
Okamoto: Let’s go someday!
Yaotome: Yeah ♪
Chinen: When I try to talk to Hikaru kun, you always do that “bothersome” face but you’re actually happy, right? ♥

Yaotome: Yup yup
Inoo: Hey, Chinen. Share me some of that love, too. I had the same yellow colored outfit with Chinen in “Bouken Rider” but he said “I don’t want the same one with Inoo chan~”. I said “me neither” back but I was about to cry in my heart…
Chinen: That’s because Inoo chan snatches my food away when I’m eating. For examples, potatoes~.
Yamada: Me too, me too! Mine was snatched as well. And you know I love to eat.
Morimoto: Me too, me too! When I’m eating snacks he asks me “can I have one”, I don’t mind that. But he asks “one more” and then “one more”, at the end I don’t even have any for me left.
Inoo: I just want anything people are eating! Like bento.
Yabu: Bullied character changes a lot in JUMP…
Arioka: Yeah.
Yabu: But Inoo chan is bullied all the time (laughs).
Yaotome: Inoo is Inoo by being M, too.
Yabu: Like he’s not sick of being bullied
Inoo: No way. My heart aches whenever I’m bullied, even if it’s already a year passed. I’m easily hurt so please be nicer… (tear)
Chinen: Reason why JUMP gets along might surprisingly be thanks to Inoo chan and Keito. Basically we are all S and maybe that’s how it’s evened out.
Yaotome: Yeah. Keito is always the center of the talk!
Yabu: Without a doubt.
Okamoto: It is me after all.
Yabu: Hahahaha. Keito, you’re the center of many other things (laughs).

Where the 10 gets all together has the warmth of 10 Kairos [pocket body warmer]!!
Nakajima: By the way, what do you guys think about us being “10”?
Yabu: Well, it is a lot (laughs).
Takaki: Photo shoots/interviews are tough.
Morimoto: Time we have to wait is too long!
Yamada: When we have photo shoots with everyone, I have to wait for the other 9 to finish their makeup and getting changed.
Takaki: Photo shoot takes time as well. It’s rare to have all 10 of us having a good facial expression and that’s why the cameraman takes so many pictures. Concentration is necessary.
Inoo: And the photo shoots are always hot!
Yabu: Because all 10 have to get close together and lineup. It feels like having nine 36 degrees Kairos .
Inoo: It’s like crowded train. A pervert comes out once in a while, too (laughs). Like “who’s touching my butt!?”
Yamada: It’s also a hassle when we have to comment on “give us a message from each member!” interviews…
Yabu: During concert MC, too. I have to think about whom to pass the talk around thinking who in the 10 hasn’t talked yet or who is talking too much. Takaki goes in his own world, facing the wrong direction when everyone else is talking.
Takaki: But I’m still listening (laughs).
Yabu: If that happens, I’m going to force you to talk. Gosh.
Morimoto: Hey. Pass me the talk, too. I’d feel lonely.
Yabu: Okay, okay.
Okamoto: Space issues happen a lot, too. Even in the car when we have to change locations. At least one person has to sit on the auxiliary seat.
Yaotome: Our dressing room feels small. About 1 mat per person?
Yabu: Depending on the place, we won’t be able to fit in the dressing room that we’d have to rent a rehearsal room.
Yamada: There are a lot of people that food goes by fast.
Yabu: Wait a minute, food again? That’s why Yamada is “プニュ吉/Punyu kichi”!
Yamada: He said it again (tears).
Yabu: “Punyu kichi” is the name I named Yamada on his audition day
Yamada: Yup. Quit it already. Yabu calls me names like “真ん丸/manmaru/ round” or “おデブちゃん/odebu chan/ fatty” all the time.
Yaotome: Hahahaha!
Yamada: Even though you’re laughing. You too, Hikaru kun. Can you two stop it? I’m not actually fat either!
Morimoto: Yama chan calls me “ブタちゃん/buta chan/piggy” when our eyes meets, too. Even though we joined the same year (tears).
Yamada: Ryutaro doesn’t count!

Nakajima’s mood saves JUMP!?
Takaki: When there are 10 of us, the talk gets really psyched up or it gets really lively.
Yamada: The set is cheerful… actually loud (laughs).
Takaki: Just having everyone together get’s our mood up. Filling with scream of laughter (laughs).
Inoo: There’s many different type of people so it never gets boring.
Yamada: Even if you’re feeling down, there’s always one person who’s really high.
Okamoto: Yuto kun is always in the high mood. When we haven’t met in 2, 3 days, he’s always like “how many years haven’t we met?”
Nakajima: Because I’m so happy.
Arioka: Yuto starts banging on desks when the music on. Like a drum.
Yabu: When we went to see our senpai’s concert he was banging from the start to finish for all the songs (laughs).
Nakajima: It’s my habit and the hands just move on its own. Sorry.
Chinen: He’s tall and looks mature but things he does are so childish.
Morimoto: I sometimes think, please comprehend the atmosphere of the situation and be quiet.
Yamada: You too, Ryutaro (bitter laugh). My mood goes up and down a lot so I’m always helped by Yuto kun’s energy.
Morimoto: I see. It’s a big thing when we can all help each other out. When I couldn’t come to rehearsals because of the other jobs, everyone helps out by teaching me the dance moves.
Yabu: It’s fun to make many different formations to our dance moves.
Arioka: Because we get to show them very dynamically. Having 10 people is very powerful!
Okamoto: When we decide to do something it’s great we can listen to many different opinions.
Yabu: When we are putting together a concert, with 10 people there’s always 10 ideas.
Nakajima: There isn’t much hassle by being with 10 people. We have more good things.
Chinen: Now, it’s too lonely not to have 10 people. When Takaki kun was staring in a drama and we only had 9 people, it sure felt different. Just having one person absent doesn’t make me feel normal… This means that our heart is always connected.
Yabu: You say such a good things.
Yaotome: Right?…. and let’s cut that out (laughs).
Chinen: SHOCK

1 original song, everyone goofs off… stormy departure into the sea!!
Yaotome: Well, there are some problems that we can’t all overcome even if it’s the 10 of us.
Arioka: Personally, my height.
Everyone Eh?
Arioka: I feel out of place when I’m in BEST. I’m the only short one. Maybe I’m actually “7”?
Okamoto: Let’s drink milk! I wanted to get big too and that’s why I did my best. I hate milk so whenever I drink I always have to go “blah” at least twice. But I still drink 500ml every morning. And yet Dai chan just hangs around on that health hanging device!!
Arioka: Why’s Keito getting all serious about my height (laughs)? But, it’s okay. I don’t mind it as much now. Because I LOVE BEST!
Yabu: By the way, Keito has great muscles. He has such a cute face but he’s all muscle when he takes off his clothes. Is that because of milk, too?
Okamoto: … who knows.
Inoo: Keito walks fast, too. When I was walking with Hikaru, we saw Keito up ahead. We quickly followed him behind but we lost him. Is that speed because of milk as well?
Okamoto: …. Who knows.
Yaotome: Hey, that’s enough of milk jokes (laughs). Let’s talk more about our up and down problems.
Inoo: Umm… , what troubles us the most within this year was that our first concert was in Tokyo dome.
Nakajima: It was such a pressure to go out in front of 55,000 people.
Inoo: And we only had 1 original song. How many times have we sung “Ultra Music Power”? I think we sang about 7 times having different versions like rock versions.
Yabu: Opening was “Ultra~♪” and the ending was “Ultra~♪”…. I was even telling myself “again!?” Even the audiences mastered the dance moves near the end.
Yaotome: Talking about concerts, MC was one of the problems for us.
Okamoto: Everyone goofed off and there was no one to tsukkomi [person who states the obvious & corrects the goofs].
Yaotome: Even when we got on some music show, everyone was so looking forward to it but we couldn’t talk at all because we were so nervous. Everyone looked depressed after the recording ended. I can never forget that.

7 break down!? Yamada & Nakajima’s “roasted whole” big fight
Takaki: I don’t think there isn’t any trouble besides work. We don’t fight either.
Yabu: No no no no. Everyone, have you forgotten? Yamada and Nakajima were fighting a while ago.
Chinen: Yuto kun said “I’m going to roast you whole~!” to Yama chan furiously.
Takaki: Hahaha! Oh yeah.
Nakajima: No…
Yamada: It’s just nothing.
Yabu: When they were fooling around with each other, Yamada got a little carried away and pinched Nakajima. Then, Nakajima freaked out and got mad at Yamada, right?
Inoo: Then, he said roasting him whole…. (laughs).
Yabu: First Yamada was laughing hysterically but suddenly he was yelling in a threatening tone and started getting pissed.
Yamada: It was supposed to be just a little joke but I got carried away when I though “You don’t have to be so angry!”And it just happened…
Yabu: Those two looked so funny then (laughs).
Yamada: When you watch somebody doing that.
Chinen: After that Yama chan had “don’t talk to me” kind of aura coming out for a while and it was hard to get close to him (laughs).
Takaki: But you guys made up fast. Like in 2 days?
Yabu: No, it was just 2 hours. It just means that they are such a good friends that they can fight. I’m not going to stop them, it’s not good to have stress piled up ☆
Yaotome: You say those kinds of things but Yabu is the one who round these 10 people full of personalities up. Singing, dancing, manners or any problems in JUMP, he specifically warns us.
Yabu: Eh, I don’t round these people up.
Nakajima: No, I think you do. Even though you say stuff jokingly, you always cheer us up.
Yaotome: Person in charge of getting JUMP together is Yabu!
Everyone: Yes, Yabu kun!!
Yabu: (Shy).
Arioka: He’s blushing!
Nakajima: Yabu kun is weak to compliments (laughs).
Chinen: He’s blushing, he’s blushing.
Yabu: I don’t like people complimenting me! Stop it~.

Solidarity power that improves 2% a year. How about in 50 years?
Nakajima: Next year, in 2 years, in 10 years… I wonder what’ll happen to us.
Yamada: Everyone improved a lot in just a year. If we haven’t, I think that’s a bad thing. I’m beginning to grow pro consciousness.
Yaotome: Keito wasn’t good at dancing at first but you were putting all you effort into dancing. You remember all our advices that we taught you, you are really great. Instead, Ryutaro is ….
Morimoto: What~?
Yaotome: Listen to other member when they point out your mistakes! Whenever we say anything you always say “but…” I oppose to your ‘BUT’ activities!!
Morimoto: Gosh…
Yabu: Ryutaro is in his rebellious stage.
Nakajima: You have to be more obedient
Yabu: Keito sure changed. He talks more now, too. His hairstyle used to be short and spiked but lately, he’s using perms. He’s even setting his own hair.
Okamoto: I think Chinen changed a lot, too if you’re talking about looks wise. He’s starting to be more “cool” rather than “cute”.
Arioka: Yeah. He’s refined now! You’re starting to wear accessories like bracelets, too. He also puts on colon ♥ you smelled when you put too much at once! It was so obvious.
Okamoto: His clothes got manlier. He used to wear 1 parka but now he’s starting to wear layered clothing. Like a t shirt with skull print no sleeve parka.
Chinen: Yup ♪
Yabu: His “Hey, I’m…” when he’s trying to give an explanations are still cute
Morimoto: Hey, aren’t you guys going too easy on Chinen’s cuteness!? He says “I can’t~” to anything first but I feel like I should say “there isn’t anything you’ve never couldn’t do”
Yabu: Because Chinen is a genius
Morimoto: Gosh.
Yamada: Even though Ryutaro is saying some spiteful things, I think he changed the most. You got taller, too. But, a man isn’t about height! It’s the heart!
Arioka: っす[made fun of Yamada’s ending in the above sentence] (laughs)!
Okamoto: I think Ryutaro got more childish. He used to give me warning likes “do it right~” but he’s into some [cartoon] characters.
※Last part where he talked about “characters” were cut off but I tried to make sense of it as much as I can
Inoo: But, he’s buying a lot of DVDs of comedian shows that aired in the 70’s and watching that alone. I was surprised.
Yabu: Ryutaro always goes into his own world in the dressing room.
Morimoto: That’s because comedy and game is part of my life
Yabu: Instead, the person who hasn’t change is Inoo chan. I’ve been with him for a while but I’ve never seen him any change about him.
Arioka: Yeah. It’s hard to find anything that changed about him.
Morimoto: If you were, maybe his hairstyle?
Inoo: No no, I changed. First, I have a goal! To have a concert in a foreign country. Not only just greetings, I want to learn more about those languages that I can have ordinary conversation.
Yaotome: Coming out big all suddenly, huh?
Nakajima: But, I bet everyone have different big goals. Mine would be never to forget my first intentions. I want to be a group like SMAP.
Yaotome: Me too, I want to make lots of albums full of great solo songs! I want to try writing and making my own music as well.
Morimoto: Me too!
Yaotome: What, you too? I haven’t started on the music but I’m writing lyrics right now ♪
Arioka: My dream is to have all 47 prefecture tour in the near future.
Yaotome: Wait a minute, don’t take “all over the country” too easily, it’s not in our near future at all!! But actually, my dream is to have all country debuts.
Arioka: Don’t take that lightly either (laughs)!!
Okamoto: I want to have a TV show that we can do because we have 10 people. Like futsal or basketball.
Takaki: I want to have our own show with all JUMP members.
Yamada: Or star in a movie with the 10 of us!
Chinen: I want to do a concert at national stadium. Let’s aim at ARASHI☆
Yabu: How will JUMP be in 10 years? Will everyone be good men~ (laughs).
Arioka: I want to be a unit that’s loved by everyone. When they ask “Who am I” to 100 people, I want all 100 people to answer “Hey!Say!JUMP’s Arioka”
Takaki: I’ll be 28 years old? I wonder if I’m married. I wish I could! I want to be a young dad. How old will Morimoto be in 10 years?
Morimoto: 23.
Inoo: Crap, can’t imagine that ever.
Yaotome: When we become adults, I want to go out drinking and such.
Yabu: I also want to go to the ocean with everyone.
Inoo: I think we’d have fun in some big shopping center. Buying matching clothes with everyone.
Chinen: And matching cell phone straps!
Inoo: We’d watch movie and play in the arcade, then go home. We’ll go into any store with all 10 of us. We’d even site a whole row with all 10 in the theaters, too!
Takaki: That’d be amazing. But since there are 10 people, we should work as a group to set up a tent or make foods. Let’s do outdoor.
Arioka: No, I don‘t think I can do places with lots of insects…. Also, if we go out with this 10, we’ll be playing around and get worn out so, I want to relax on a hot spring vacation.
Takaki: What’s wrong with you Dai chan. Where’s your youth? Well, I think its okay because then, I can do my favorite tour of temples.
Yaotome: Then, let’s go to Kamakukra. I love the vibe there.
Takaki: Oh, that’s good!
Arioka: Hey Takaki, you also likes oldies, too (laughs)!!
Morimoto: I recommend Ishigawa where my grandpa lives. The scenery is beautiful, it’s a great place.
Chinen: Hey, let’s not talk about doing things in the country, let’s go big and go to a foreign country! Let’s book a resort hotel and stay there♪
Yamada: I want to swim in the beautiful ocean of Hawaii or play soccer.
Nakajima: Yeah, I want to! I wonder if we can even do barbeques.
Okamoto: Let’s go to Guam then, Guam!! Everyone walks in their swimming trunks in the city. Snorkeling is fun and I think Yuto kun and others will enjoy that for sure. Count on me for the tour guide!
Nakajima: Sounds like fun ♪
Yamada: I want to go!!
Yabu: … Everyone is all over the place (laughs).
Nakajima: No, it’s okay. Jump’s cooperativeness is 100%!
Yabu: 2 more %. In 50 more years, will reach 100%.
Yamada: We only improve 2% a year.
Nakajima: Sounds far away.
Yabu: Well, let’s keep getting along!



niEeeehhhhhh BoyBand bkan ge DaiSuki...
PiE AISHITERU.........

mNgkIn pRa JUMPerZzz daH pdA tW tTg mreKa......

Pie qUe kCiH tW ge YaUuuuuu......


Hey! Say! JUMP adalah grup J-pop di bawah Johnny & Associates, terdiri dari sepuluh anggota. Hey! Say! JUMP dianggap sebagai perluasan asli Hey! Say! 7. Nama Hey! Say! mengacu pada fakta bahwa semua anggota lahir di Heisei dan JUMP adalah akronim untuk Johnny's Ultra Music Power.


Sebagai Hey! Say! 7 (Temporary Group)

* Dalam KAT-TUN konser musim semi di 3 April 2007, 5 anggota Johnny's Jr itu diberi nama untuk menjadi bagian dari grup baru bernama Hey! Say! 7. Para anggota ini Yuya Takaki, Arioka Daiki, Yamada Ryosuke, Yuto Nakajima, dan Yuri Chinen. Awalnya, status sementara kelompok itu tidak jelas, mencemaskan banyak penggemar kelompok Johnny Jr JJ Express sebagai itu bisa berarti bahwa kelompok itu membelah dan bahwa Yuya Takaki dan Daiki Arioka akan secara permanen berada di grup ini sebagai gantinya.

* Pada 16 Juni 2007, diumumkan bahwa Hey! Say! 7 akan merilis single Hey! Say!, Yang kemudian digunakan sebagai lagu pembuka untuk anime populer Love ★ Com (Lovely Complex). Tunggal berakhir juga berisi lagu yang digunakan untuk anime yang sama, berjudul Bon Bon. Ini adalah pertama kalinya sebuah kelompok JRS Johnny telah merilis sebuah single sejak Ya-Ya-yah pada tahun 2002, dan ada ketidakpastian mengenai apakah debut bersifat permanen, atau hanya CD rilis.

* Pada tanggal 1 Agustus 2007, satu Hey! Say! dirilis. Minggu berikutnya, pada tanggal 8 Agustus 2007, Oricon Style menegaskan bahwa Hey! Say! terjual 120.520 kopi dalam minggu pertama dan ini membuatnya Mingguan puncak Oricon Charts. Pada saat yang sama, Hey! Say! 7 memecahkan sebuah rekor sepanjang masa dengan menjadi kelompok laki-laki termuda yang pernah mencapai angka 1 tempat di Oricon chart, dengan usia rata-rata mereka yang hanya 14,8 tahun.
* Pada bulan Agustus, single Hey! Say! Bulanan puncak Oricon Charts, bahkan mengalahkan Johnny's Entertainment senior, Tackey dan Tsubasa dan Tokio. Sejak saat itu, Hey!Say! tunggal emas telah disertifikasi oleh RIAJ.

Transisi ke dalam Hey! Say! Jump

* Pada tanggal 24 September 2007, dalam sebuah acara siaran langsung dari Johnny's Jr's konser di Yokohama Arena, diumumkan bahwa kelompok akan debut di bawah nama baru. Hey! Say! JUMP terdiri dari semua 5 anggota Hey! Say! 7, kini terpecah menjadi dua subkelompok dan bergabung dengan 5 lain Johnny Jr's. Hal ini juga telah mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan debut single mereka di 14 November 2007, berjudul Ultra Music Power, dan lagu tersebut juga akan digunakan sebagai Volleyball Jepang Relay Piala Dunia 2007 Theme Song.
* Pada bulan Juli 2008 diumumkan bahwa kelompok ketiga single terbaru Your Seed akan digunakan sebagai gambar lagu untuk Kung-Fu Panda rilis Jepang.
* JUMP 4 merilis single tidak Mayonaka Shadow Boy pada Oktober 2008.Mayonaka No Shadow Boy menjadi lagu tema untuk dorama Scrap Teacher ~Kyoushi Sensei 4 JUMP (Yamada Ryosuke, Yuto Nakajima, Daiki Arioka dan Yuri Chinen) menjadi pemeran utama di dorama tersebut.
* Selama konser di Yokohama Arena yang dimulai pada tanggal 2 Januari 2010, JUMP mengumumkan bahwa setelah 1 1 / 2 tahun, mereka akan 5 merilis single yang berjudul "Hitomi no Screen." Lagu adalah lagu tema untuk drama mendatang Tantei Hidarime EYE yang dibintangi anggota JUMP's Yamada Ryosuke.

Former Hey! Say! 7 (Temporary Group)

Former Hey! Say! 7 (Temporary Group) yang ada dari 3 April 2007 - 23 September 2007 terdiri dari 5 anggota. Grup ini tidak ada lagi, walaupun nama sudah didaur ulang untuk digunakan sebagai subkelompok baru di bawah Hey! Say! JUMP. Para anggota kelompok ini telah dibagi menjadi dua subkelompok baru.

* Yuya Takaki / 高木 雄 也 - 26 Maret 1990 (1990/03/26) (umur 19)
* Daiki Arioka / 有 冈 大 贵 - 15 April 1991 (1991/04/15) (umur 18)
* Ryosuke Yamada / 山田 凉 介 - 9 Mei 1993 (1993/05/09) (umur 16)
* Yuto Nakajima / 中 岛 裕翔 - 10 Agustus 1993 (1993/08/10) (umur 16)
* Yuri Chinen / 知 念 侑 李 - 30 November 1993 (1993/11/30) (umur 16)

Hey! Say! BEST

Hey! Say! BEST (Boys Excellent Pilih Team) adalah subkelompok yang berumur di atas 17 tahun Hey! Say! JUMP, terdiri dari 5 anggota:

* Kota Yabu / 薮 宏 太 - 31 Januari 1990 (1990/01/31) (umur 20)
* Yuya Takaki / 高木 雄 也 - 26 Maret 1990 (1990/03/26) (umur 19)
* Kei Inoo / 伊 野 尾 慧 - 22 Juni 1990 (1990/06/22) (umur 19)
* Hikaru Yaotome / 八 乙 女 光 - 2 Desember 1990 (1990/12/02) (umur 19)
* Daiki Arioka / 有 冈 大 贵 - 15 April 1991 (1991/04/15) (umur 18)

Hey! Say! 7

Hey! Say! 7 adalah subkelompok muda Hey! Say! JUMP, terdiri dari 5 anggota. Hey! Say! 7 seharusnya tidak bingung dengan mantan Hey! Say! 7 (Temporary Group), yang menghasilkan satu Hey!Say!

* Keito Okamoto / 冈本 圭 人 - 1 April 1993 (1993/04/01) (umur 16)
* Ryosuke Yamada / 山田 凉 介 - 9 Mei 1993 (1993/05/09) (umur 16)
(kyaaaaaaa,,,,,,tunanganku……..*d.kjar ma Fansu” Yamada……)
* Yuto Nakajima / 中 岛 裕翔 - 10 Agustus 1993 (1993/08/10) (umur 16)
* Yuri Chinen / 知 念 侑 李 - 30 November 1993 (1993/11/30) (umur 16)
* Ryutaro Morimoto / 森 本 龙 太郎 - 6 April 1995 (1995/04/06) (umur 14)


Hey! Say! 7 (Temporary Group)

* Fatalisme
* The ONE
* Hey!Say!
* Bon Bon
* I Wo Kure

Hey! Say! JUMP

* Ultra Music Power
* Dreams Come True
* Your Seed
* Mayonaka no Shadow Boy
* Glorious
* Deep Night Kimi Omou
* School Kakumei (lyrics by Yabu Kota)
* Star Time
* Too Shy
* Bouken Rider
* Chance to Change
* トビラ の 向こう (Tobira no Mukou)
* 心 技 体 (Shin Gi Tai)
* 大胆 梦 敌 (Daitan Muteki)
* LOVE 太陽 に GERAK! (Taiyou ni LOVE GERAK!)
* Bump UP
* Memories
* 情 热 JUMP (Jounetsu JUMP)
* Endless Dream
* Born in The EARTH
* Our Future
* To The Top
* Romeo & Juliet
* Hitomi no Screen

Hey! Say! BEST

* ス リ ル (Thrill)
* スパイシー (Spicy)
* Bump Up
* Switch
* School Days
* Back In Time
* Stompin '

Hey! Say! 7

* ワンダーランド トレイン (Wonderland Train)
* S.O.S
* Brave Story
* Iinjanai
* Salsa Iina Iine
* Kawaii Kimi no Koto da Mono
* Brain Dance
* Kagayaki Days


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