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[TransLate] Wink Up July 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke NYC"

-Who is the most childish person?

There's no specific member that's childish. ...Even though Chinen said it was me (laughs). Eh? Of course? I get excited when my tensions goes up and down? No no, "Not being calm = A child" not! During my normal days I do think a lot! For Chinen, when he's with his favorite anime, that's really like a child. If you're talking about this type of things actually, I didn't know how to translate this into English. There are, afterall some words that you can't possibly translate. but 'thing' will suffice for now, I'll ask someone else ...to look forward to talking to another I can't find a suitable word for Otagai, like just a expression of 'each other' like this, I wonder if it's like a child (laughs).

-Who is the most adult person?

For this as well, everyone's halfway there (laughs). But if we were to be compared to people of the same year, because we started working at a really young age, so our mental age is a little higher. For me, or someone else, we go well with adults, so we get a lot of things like "The way you think is really adult-ish ne" from adults. Even though I get a little happy with that, I don't understand what's good about it.

-Who is the steadiest?

This is Yuma. I felt it when we were out on a music variety show. Really, he was the only one with 'no-misses'. Even though during rehearsals, we were the ones who didn't have any misses. I'm really weak at lives (laughs). But I'm strong at concert lives ne. I'll get really nervous for TV shows only. Yuma will s ay "Anmari kinchou seehen" Doncha' get over nervous -Yuma says this in the Kansai-ben which I think it's too cute to miss lulz btw, for anyone who wants to know, the Tokyo accent is 'Anmari Kinchou shinai de' XD and then I start to relax.

-Who is the easiest to cry?

That's me. I cry so much during dramas, the fans should also be used to my crying face right (laughs)? Also, changing of sets are also bad. "Ah, we're no longer using this location" I'll think, and get really lonely. Because during that time, I spent a longer time with them than my family. It's of course that I get lonely.

-Who is the one with the gap?

It's not something you can see from the outside, but Chinen's actually more boy-ish than everyone knows he is. He's really dependant and spoilt during work grounds, but during school, his voice gets deeper, like about 2%, his 'cool-boy' attitude gained. hawt.

-Who is the easiest to get scared? [Like, scaredy cat or something]

That's probably Yuma. Whenever I hold onto a needle or tooth pick, he'll get all scared. No, that's just plain scary, dude I wonder if he has some sickness of getting afraid first or something. Eh, there's no way I'll really poke Yuma with that ne (laughs). I didn't even do it once before!

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