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Yamashita Tomohisa to perform next week on Korea’s M Countdown!

Japanese idol star Yamashita Tomohisa will be appearing on next week’s episode of Mnet’s M Countdown!

Currently the leader of boy band NEWS, the idol is scheduled to release his first official solo album, “SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD“, on March 2nd, followed by a two day Korean concert on April 16th and 17th at the KBS 88 Gymnasium. In promotion of his solo album, he’ll be making an appearance on the February 24th episode of M Countdown.

Mnet Media, who currently handles his Korean licensing, as well as promotions, commented, “Many of the Japanese dramas he starred in have achieved considerable popularity in Korea. We’ve already received countless questions on his Korean activities for the past two months.”

Yamashita Tomohisa previously made a visit in 2008 and was greeted by hundreds of fans that froze Gimpo Airport, demonstrating his popularity outside of Japan.

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