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InterView HSJ in Myojo

Inni wkTu interview Hey!Say!JUMP di Majalah Myojo Desember 2008….
(wwwaaahhhhhhh….. dah Lma yYa)…..

Myojo December 2008 - 1 Year Anniversary Hey!Say!JUMP Wai Wai Talk Party

JUMP was formed. The days when deepened our friendship a bit at a time.
Yabu: Well, it’s been a year from Hey!Say!JUMP’s debut ☆ That’s why we’d like to have a discussion with the 10 of us… Wait, Takaki isn’t here. Hey~, come here.
Takaki: (From really far away) I’m fine, I’ll talk from here.
Yaotome: No, a round table discussion!
Takaki: Eh. Okay (and joins in the circle)
Yabu: Okay. Well, as I was saying. First question is “within this 1 year, what left you an impression?”.
Yamada: Of course it’d be announcing our debut at Yokohama Arena
Chinen: Eh, not so much for me… Our first concert at Tokyo Dome had more impact on me.
Takaki: Yeah. I was very touched by the number of fans there.
Arioka: Mine would be SUMMARY. Like sword fights, the sense of accomplishment is over the top. And it was fun.
Morimoto: Concert at Osaka Jo-Hall for me! Because everyone in the audience celebrated my birthday♪
Yabu: …. Well, everyone is quite all over the place but do you remember the day we were formed?
Yamada: We were supposed to keep it a secret from our parents and friends until the announcements. That’s why I was practicing the dance move to our debut song in secret.
Takaki: Also, [they didn’t tell us with] all ten of us, it was to 2~3 people in a small scale at a time.
Yamada: I was so happy that I wanted to tell people but I was doing my best to keep quiet because my principle is don’t say anything you’re not supposed to. But, it was just for 3 days (laughs).
Takaki: Yeah. I didn’t even mention the “D” in debut to my family. I only told them “watch the TV today” when I went out.
Nakajima: We also had to keep this a secret to everyone and the fact that I was debuting was so big to me that I didn’t feel like I was one of the JUMP member then.
Yaotome: Since we were in that kind of situation, I felt “oh~ crap!” the moment they announced. I started hearing fans cheering. I felt nervous even though I knew I was going to be one of the members.
Inoo: Remember how they introduced each member on the screen with our faces and names? I was the 6th or 7th one but I was thinking “I don’t think I’m going to get called… What should I do? I guess I’d just go home like I always do” (laughs).
Okamoto: I just became a Jr. and I was nervous if the audiences will start saying “why is Okamoto debuting?”
Morimoto: I thought I was too early to debut, too. My dance skills were still not ready…
Takaki: I was just really happy. Oh but I wasn’t just happy
Yaotome: I was full of pressure….
Yabu: Me too. There’s many people and when I saw your face I was like “Woah, I’m the oldest”. I started feeling I’m the one who have to support everyone and I got kind of responsibility.
Yaotome: The oldest are Yabu and Takaki but… Takaki is Takaki (laughs).
Takaki: Eh~ what’s that suppose to mean.
Arioka: You were always playing with your cell phone that you never try to be with us.
Yamada: His mental age is 3rd year middle school, too.
Inoo: He sometimes wears clothing that you would go to a nearby convenience store, sweat pants & T shirt kind of so random clothing to work.
Okamoto: He takes really long time on hair and make, too.
Yaotome: I’m the one who informs Takaki when he’s is doing nothing. Yabu and I are the one who gets in trouble for the member’s mistakes. If something happens it’s always Yabu and Yaotome… I’m younger than you. Gosh.
Takaki: Sorry sorry (hasty) But I was worried if we were going to get on to a good start, too.
Yabu: Well, there was a brat like Morimoto and Keito joined the agency just a while ago, then.
Morimoto: A brat? (Tears)
Nakajima: It’s okay (laughs)
Chinen: That reminds me, we used to talk to each other in formal speaking. I was talking to Yabu kun with “~desu”. I think we even tried to spy on each other. I can’t even imagine that now!
Inoo: It was awkward at first even with Hikaru, who I get along now. But our way back home was the same so…, right!?
Yaotome: Not really the same, you just followed me. I kept telling you not to follow me.
Inoo: Hey! But you looked like you were having fun when I’m with you.
Yaotome: Okay okay.
Arioka: 80% of what Inoo chan says is lies though
Inoo: Wasn’t that a bit harsh (laughs)?
Arioka: When I ask you a question you always answer me with a lie. And I’m asking you seriously, too! I think you got the person wrong each time someone asked you.
Inoo: Ouch… It’s just a cute joke. Give me a break~.
Okamoto: Hey hey, me and Hikaru kun got along more, right?!
Inoo: Everyone is “I became friends with Hikaru” (laughs).
Yaotome: Well, I am in charge of JUMP’s communication.
Okamoto: When we just started, I didn’t even know what to say to you when we were all alone during location change.
Yaotome: That was awkward! The subject of conversation never matched. But we are totally fine now.
Takaki: Lately, you guys are together during interview break time.
Okamoto: Hikaru kun was the first one to talk to me.
Yaotome: Yup. You seemed nervous since you just joined that’s why I talked to you by asking “teach me English” to get close to you. I started like this with Keito because I was worried.
Okamoto: Remember you said you’d take me to billiard a while ago?
Yaotome: Oh yeah.
Okamoto: Let’s go someday!
Yaotome: Yeah ♪
Chinen: When I try to talk to Hikaru kun, you always do that “bothersome” face but you’re actually happy, right? ♥

Yaotome: Yup yup
Inoo: Hey, Chinen. Share me some of that love, too. I had the same yellow colored outfit with Chinen in “Bouken Rider” but he said “I don’t want the same one with Inoo chan~”. I said “me neither” back but I was about to cry in my heart…
Chinen: That’s because Inoo chan snatches my food away when I’m eating. For examples, potatoes~.
Yamada: Me too, me too! Mine was snatched as well. And you know I love to eat.
Morimoto: Me too, me too! When I’m eating snacks he asks me “can I have one”, I don’t mind that. But he asks “one more” and then “one more”, at the end I don’t even have any for me left.
Inoo: I just want anything people are eating! Like bento.
Yabu: Bullied character changes a lot in JUMP…
Arioka: Yeah.
Yabu: But Inoo chan is bullied all the time (laughs).
Yaotome: Inoo is Inoo by being M, too.
Yabu: Like he’s not sick of being bullied
Inoo: No way. My heart aches whenever I’m bullied, even if it’s already a year passed. I’m easily hurt so please be nicer… (tear)
Chinen: Reason why JUMP gets along might surprisingly be thanks to Inoo chan and Keito. Basically we are all S and maybe that’s how it’s evened out.
Yaotome: Yeah. Keito is always the center of the talk!
Yabu: Without a doubt.
Okamoto: It is me after all.
Yabu: Hahahaha. Keito, you’re the center of many other things (laughs).

Where the 10 gets all together has the warmth of 10 Kairos [pocket body warmer]!!
Nakajima: By the way, what do you guys think about us being “10”?
Yabu: Well, it is a lot (laughs).
Takaki: Photo shoots/interviews are tough.
Morimoto: Time we have to wait is too long!
Yamada: When we have photo shoots with everyone, I have to wait for the other 9 to finish their makeup and getting changed.
Takaki: Photo shoot takes time as well. It’s rare to have all 10 of us having a good facial expression and that’s why the cameraman takes so many pictures. Concentration is necessary.
Inoo: And the photo shoots are always hot!
Yabu: Because all 10 have to get close together and lineup. It feels like having nine 36 degrees Kairos .
Inoo: It’s like crowded train. A pervert comes out once in a while, too (laughs). Like “who’s touching my butt!?”
Yamada: It’s also a hassle when we have to comment on “give us a message from each member!” interviews…
Yabu: During concert MC, too. I have to think about whom to pass the talk around thinking who in the 10 hasn’t talked yet or who is talking too much. Takaki goes in his own world, facing the wrong direction when everyone else is talking.
Takaki: But I’m still listening (laughs).
Yabu: If that happens, I’m going to force you to talk. Gosh.
Morimoto: Hey. Pass me the talk, too. I’d feel lonely.
Yabu: Okay, okay.
Okamoto: Space issues happen a lot, too. Even in the car when we have to change locations. At least one person has to sit on the auxiliary seat.
Yaotome: Our dressing room feels small. About 1 mat per person?
Yabu: Depending on the place, we won’t be able to fit in the dressing room that we’d have to rent a rehearsal room.
Yamada: There are a lot of people that food goes by fast.
Yabu: Wait a minute, food again? That’s why Yamada is “プニュ吉/Punyu kichi”!
Yamada: He said it again (tears).
Yabu: “Punyu kichi” is the name I named Yamada on his audition day
Yamada: Yup. Quit it already. Yabu calls me names like “真ん丸/manmaru/ round” or “おデブちゃん/odebu chan/ fatty” all the time.
Yaotome: Hahahaha!
Yamada: Even though you’re laughing. You too, Hikaru kun. Can you two stop it? I’m not actually fat either!
Morimoto: Yama chan calls me “ブタちゃん/buta chan/piggy” when our eyes meets, too. Even though we joined the same year (tears).
Yamada: Ryutaro doesn’t count!

Nakajima’s mood saves JUMP!?
Takaki: When there are 10 of us, the talk gets really psyched up or it gets really lively.
Yamada: The set is cheerful… actually loud (laughs).
Takaki: Just having everyone together get’s our mood up. Filling with scream of laughter (laughs).
Inoo: There’s many different type of people so it never gets boring.
Yamada: Even if you’re feeling down, there’s always one person who’s really high.
Okamoto: Yuto kun is always in the high mood. When we haven’t met in 2, 3 days, he’s always like “how many years haven’t we met?”
Nakajima: Because I’m so happy.
Arioka: Yuto starts banging on desks when the music on. Like a drum.
Yabu: When we went to see our senpai’s concert he was banging from the start to finish for all the songs (laughs).
Nakajima: It’s my habit and the hands just move on its own. Sorry.
Chinen: He’s tall and looks mature but things he does are so childish.
Morimoto: I sometimes think, please comprehend the atmosphere of the situation and be quiet.
Yamada: You too, Ryutaro (bitter laugh). My mood goes up and down a lot so I’m always helped by Yuto kun’s energy.
Morimoto: I see. It’s a big thing when we can all help each other out. When I couldn’t come to rehearsals because of the other jobs, everyone helps out by teaching me the dance moves.
Yabu: It’s fun to make many different formations to our dance moves.
Arioka: Because we get to show them very dynamically. Having 10 people is very powerful!
Okamoto: When we decide to do something it’s great we can listen to many different opinions.
Yabu: When we are putting together a concert, with 10 people there’s always 10 ideas.
Nakajima: There isn’t much hassle by being with 10 people. We have more good things.
Chinen: Now, it’s too lonely not to have 10 people. When Takaki kun was staring in a drama and we only had 9 people, it sure felt different. Just having one person absent doesn’t make me feel normal… This means that our heart is always connected.
Yabu: You say such a good things.
Yaotome: Right?…. and let’s cut that out (laughs).
Chinen: SHOCK

1 original song, everyone goofs off… stormy departure into the sea!!
Yaotome: Well, there are some problems that we can’t all overcome even if it’s the 10 of us.
Arioka: Personally, my height.
Everyone Eh?
Arioka: I feel out of place when I’m in BEST. I’m the only short one. Maybe I’m actually “7”?
Okamoto: Let’s drink milk! I wanted to get big too and that’s why I did my best. I hate milk so whenever I drink I always have to go “blah” at least twice. But I still drink 500ml every morning. And yet Dai chan just hangs around on that health hanging device!!
Arioka: Why’s Keito getting all serious about my height (laughs)? But, it’s okay. I don’t mind it as much now. Because I LOVE BEST!
Yabu: By the way, Keito has great muscles. He has such a cute face but he’s all muscle when he takes off his clothes. Is that because of milk, too?
Okamoto: … who knows.
Inoo: Keito walks fast, too. When I was walking with Hikaru, we saw Keito up ahead. We quickly followed him behind but we lost him. Is that speed because of milk as well?
Okamoto: …. Who knows.
Yaotome: Hey, that’s enough of milk jokes (laughs). Let’s talk more about our up and down problems.
Inoo: Umm… , what troubles us the most within this year was that our first concert was in Tokyo dome.
Nakajima: It was such a pressure to go out in front of 55,000 people.
Inoo: And we only had 1 original song. How many times have we sung “Ultra Music Power”? I think we sang about 7 times having different versions like rock versions.
Yabu: Opening was “Ultra~♪” and the ending was “Ultra~♪”…. I was even telling myself “again!?” Even the audiences mastered the dance moves near the end.
Yaotome: Talking about concerts, MC was one of the problems for us.
Okamoto: Everyone goofed off and there was no one to tsukkomi [person who states the obvious & corrects the goofs].
Yaotome: Even when we got on some music show, everyone was so looking forward to it but we couldn’t talk at all because we were so nervous. Everyone looked depressed after the recording ended. I can never forget that.

7 break down!? Yamada & Nakajima’s “roasted whole” big fight
Takaki: I don’t think there isn’t any trouble besides work. We don’t fight either.
Yabu: No no no no. Everyone, have you forgotten? Yamada and Nakajima were fighting a while ago.
Chinen: Yuto kun said “I’m going to roast you whole~!” to Yama chan furiously.
Takaki: Hahaha! Oh yeah.
Nakajima: No…
Yamada: It’s just nothing.
Yabu: When they were fooling around with each other, Yamada got a little carried away and pinched Nakajima. Then, Nakajima freaked out and got mad at Yamada, right?
Inoo: Then, he said roasting him whole…. (laughs).
Yabu: First Yamada was laughing hysterically but suddenly he was yelling in a threatening tone and started getting pissed.
Yamada: It was supposed to be just a little joke but I got carried away when I though “You don’t have to be so angry!”And it just happened…
Yabu: Those two looked so funny then (laughs).
Yamada: When you watch somebody doing that.
Chinen: After that Yama chan had “don’t talk to me” kind of aura coming out for a while and it was hard to get close to him (laughs).
Takaki: But you guys made up fast. Like in 2 days?
Yabu: No, it was just 2 hours. It just means that they are such a good friends that they can fight. I’m not going to stop them, it’s not good to have stress piled up ☆
Yaotome: You say those kinds of things but Yabu is the one who round these 10 people full of personalities up. Singing, dancing, manners or any problems in JUMP, he specifically warns us.
Yabu: Eh, I don’t round these people up.
Nakajima: No, I think you do. Even though you say stuff jokingly, you always cheer us up.
Yaotome: Person in charge of getting JUMP together is Yabu!
Everyone: Yes, Yabu kun!!
Yabu: (Shy).
Arioka: He’s blushing!
Nakajima: Yabu kun is weak to compliments (laughs).
Chinen: He’s blushing, he’s blushing.
Yabu: I don’t like people complimenting me! Stop it~.

Solidarity power that improves 2% a year. How about in 50 years?
Nakajima: Next year, in 2 years, in 10 years… I wonder what’ll happen to us.
Yamada: Everyone improved a lot in just a year. If we haven’t, I think that’s a bad thing. I’m beginning to grow pro consciousness.
Yaotome: Keito wasn’t good at dancing at first but you were putting all you effort into dancing. You remember all our advices that we taught you, you are really great. Instead, Ryutaro is ….
Morimoto: What~?
Yaotome: Listen to other member when they point out your mistakes! Whenever we say anything you always say “but…” I oppose to your ‘BUT’ activities!!
Morimoto: Gosh…
Yabu: Ryutaro is in his rebellious stage.
Nakajima: You have to be more obedient
Yabu: Keito sure changed. He talks more now, too. His hairstyle used to be short and spiked but lately, he’s using perms. He’s even setting his own hair.
Okamoto: I think Chinen changed a lot, too if you’re talking about looks wise. He’s starting to be more “cool” rather than “cute”.
Arioka: Yeah. He’s refined now! You’re starting to wear accessories like bracelets, too. He also puts on colon ♥ you smelled when you put too much at once! It was so obvious.
Okamoto: His clothes got manlier. He used to wear 1 parka but now he’s starting to wear layered clothing. Like a t shirt with skull print no sleeve parka.
Chinen: Yup ♪
Yabu: His “Hey, I’m…” when he’s trying to give an explanations are still cute
Morimoto: Hey, aren’t you guys going too easy on Chinen’s cuteness!? He says “I can’t~” to anything first but I feel like I should say “there isn’t anything you’ve never couldn’t do”
Yabu: Because Chinen is a genius
Morimoto: Gosh.
Yamada: Even though Ryutaro is saying some spiteful things, I think he changed the most. You got taller, too. But, a man isn’t about height! It’s the heart!
Arioka: っす[made fun of Yamada’s ending in the above sentence] (laughs)!
Okamoto: I think Ryutaro got more childish. He used to give me warning likes “do it right~” but he’s into some [cartoon] characters.
※Last part where he talked about “characters” were cut off but I tried to make sense of it as much as I can
Inoo: But, he’s buying a lot of DVDs of comedian shows that aired in the 70’s and watching that alone. I was surprised.
Yabu: Ryutaro always goes into his own world in the dressing room.
Morimoto: That’s because comedy and game is part of my life
Yabu: Instead, the person who hasn’t change is Inoo chan. I’ve been with him for a while but I’ve never seen him any change about him.
Arioka: Yeah. It’s hard to find anything that changed about him.
Morimoto: If you were, maybe his hairstyle?
Inoo: No no, I changed. First, I have a goal! To have a concert in a foreign country. Not only just greetings, I want to learn more about those languages that I can have ordinary conversation.
Yaotome: Coming out big all suddenly, huh?
Nakajima: But, I bet everyone have different big goals. Mine would be never to forget my first intentions. I want to be a group like SMAP.
Yaotome: Me too, I want to make lots of albums full of great solo songs! I want to try writing and making my own music as well.
Morimoto: Me too!
Yaotome: What, you too? I haven’t started on the music but I’m writing lyrics right now ♪
Arioka: My dream is to have all 47 prefecture tour in the near future.
Yaotome: Wait a minute, don’t take “all over the country” too easily, it’s not in our near future at all!! But actually, my dream is to have all country debuts.
Arioka: Don’t take that lightly either (laughs)!!
Okamoto: I want to have a TV show that we can do because we have 10 people. Like futsal or basketball.
Takaki: I want to have our own show with all JUMP members.
Yamada: Or star in a movie with the 10 of us!
Chinen: I want to do a concert at national stadium. Let’s aim at ARASHI☆
Yabu: How will JUMP be in 10 years? Will everyone be good men~ (laughs).
Arioka: I want to be a unit that’s loved by everyone. When they ask “Who am I” to 100 people, I want all 100 people to answer “Hey!Say!JUMP’s Arioka”
Takaki: I’ll be 28 years old? I wonder if I’m married. I wish I could! I want to be a young dad. How old will Morimoto be in 10 years?
Morimoto: 23.
Inoo: Crap, can’t imagine that ever.
Yaotome: When we become adults, I want to go out drinking and such.
Yabu: I also want to go to the ocean with everyone.
Inoo: I think we’d have fun in some big shopping center. Buying matching clothes with everyone.
Chinen: And matching cell phone straps!
Inoo: We’d watch movie and play in the arcade, then go home. We’ll go into any store with all 10 of us. We’d even site a whole row with all 10 in the theaters, too!
Takaki: That’d be amazing. But since there are 10 people, we should work as a group to set up a tent or make foods. Let’s do outdoor.
Arioka: No, I don‘t think I can do places with lots of insects…. Also, if we go out with this 10, we’ll be playing around and get worn out so, I want to relax on a hot spring vacation.
Takaki: What’s wrong with you Dai chan. Where’s your youth? Well, I think its okay because then, I can do my favorite tour of temples.
Yaotome: Then, let’s go to Kamakukra. I love the vibe there.
Takaki: Oh, that’s good!
Arioka: Hey Takaki, you also likes oldies, too (laughs)!!
Morimoto: I recommend Ishigawa where my grandpa lives. The scenery is beautiful, it’s a great place.
Chinen: Hey, let’s not talk about doing things in the country, let’s go big and go to a foreign country! Let’s book a resort hotel and stay there♪
Yamada: I want to swim in the beautiful ocean of Hawaii or play soccer.
Nakajima: Yeah, I want to! I wonder if we can even do barbeques.
Okamoto: Let’s go to Guam then, Guam!! Everyone walks in their swimming trunks in the city. Snorkeling is fun and I think Yuto kun and others will enjoy that for sure. Count on me for the tour guide!
Nakajima: Sounds like fun ♪
Yamada: I want to go!!
Yabu: … Everyone is all over the place (laughs).
Nakajima: No, it’s okay. Jump’s cooperativeness is 100%!
Yabu: 2 more %. In 50 more years, will reach 100%.
Yamada: We only improve 2% a year.
Nakajima: Sounds far away.
Yabu: Well, let’s keep getting along!


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