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TransLate Duet June 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke and Morimoto Ryutaro"

Yamada Ryosuke

Q. Things you think are weird that you thought of lately
Why do people go on roller coasters. Why do they have to spend money just to be scared out of their wits!? If people were paying to get scared, I would use that money to eat ramen (serious). I can’t stand those times when you feel like falling, and those loops as well. A lot of roller coasters starts with a slow start right? I hate that part when it gets slower and slower to gather suspense. We’re gonna fall, so let’s just get this over with (laughs).

Q. Out-of-body experience
When I was little, I went to use the bathroom in my house and the lamp on the door was on. I thought my dad was using it, so I was waiting for a long time but nobody would come out. During that time, my sister had wanted to use the bathroom as well. I said to the bathroom door, “Are you done?” and they said, “not yet!” Both of us went to mom and said, “Dad won’t get out of the bathroom!” and she says, “What? Dad’s at work”… We hurriedly went back to the bathroom and opened the door to find that nobody was there. I wonder who had responded to us back then…

Q. Times when you think, “Are you human!?” Idk lol
When I listen to people seriously talking, I had this habit of chewing on ice. I have a feeling that if I move my jaws, then my brain will work faster. But then again, I do like ice too (laughs).

Q. Ways to spend the day off
I watch the shows I have recorded on TV. I was watching anime, and I got interested in doing voice overs. Since you’re just using your voice, you can become a robot or an animal, not just a human role.

Q. (From Takaki): Why do you keep on eating dessert even after you say, “I’m so full!”
Because didn’t you know? I have a different stomach for desserts (laughs).

Morimoto Ryutaro

Q. Things you think are weird that you thought of lately
Why is it that it’s more expensive to ride the bus as you go farther? I’m not satisfied with it. (Chinen, who was sitting next to him says, “The bus in the city has a flat rate. Within the 23 different districts, the fee is all the same .”) … (slumps) I never knew that…!

Q. Out-of-body experience
This happened about 7 or 8 years ago and there was this time when I heard this bell in the middle of the night and I woke up. I was sleeping soundly in my bed, and I woke up to the sound of bells. (Little brother) Shintaro, who was sleeping in the same room as me, also heard it. We looked out our windows to see if there was something there, but there wasn’t. The next morning, there were presents in the room. It was Christmas then. Maybe those bells belonged to Santa Claus!?

Q. Times when you think, “Are you human!?”
I thought of something that doesn’t seem human like. For example, at a noodle shop if I hear the word “Raccoon”, you would normally think of udon or soba, but I would think of the animal “raccoon” something like that. Raccons are often connected with udon/soba for some reason. A lot of the mascots representing the noodle shops in Japan are represented with raccoons.

Q. Ways to spend the day off
Lately, I go to my friends house. I can calm down so much in that person’s living room. I go there as if it’s my house and I sometimes sleep there. I’m friends with that mother and I recently met the father. I played catch ball with the father too. Do you need a home Ryutaro? Come to mine.

Q. (From Yabu): Ryutaro always says, “I’ll do a back flip” or “I’ll run every day so I can get in shape.” But I doubt he does anything he says. That’s how I’m like too, but you shouldn’t say things you aren’t going to do, so why do you say them?
I forget what I say as soon as they come out of my month. But things I say seriously are things I plan to do.

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