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Shounen Club 2010.05.14

Today’s Shonen Club opened with Shintaro as announcer and the Juniors performing Yuuki100% (download). Right in the middle of the song today’s special guest, KT-TUN’s Taguchi popped out of a box and talked over the Juniors singing, which is something I can not approve of. But I’m old and mellow, so I will refrain from releasing the hounds.

Opening talk with Takaki, Daiki and Yuto, whom I promise I will marry if he promises to come to the wedding wearing that yellow cardigan.

Today’s theme is Smile, and the eponymous medley did a good job indeed at making me smile (multiple times even), with songs by Kanjani8, NEWS, Arashi, V6 and SMAP.

Download: SC 2010-05-14 Smile Medley AVI / MP3


*cough* I’m sorry, I just had to.

Next up, a talk segment with Taguchi followed by a Special Medley (download). Normally I’d skip this but today I decided to watch it just so I could say I did, and also to kill time while waiting for the other videos to load. It was worth watching though, for the bit where Nakamaru was having a bit of fun with a Taguchi uchiwa.

Gekkan KoyaMaru, Koyama and Nakamaru showing us a couple of Shokura backstage photos, quite interesting and at one point cute beyond belief.

Next was an A.B.C.-Z medley. I didn’t skip that one either, but I went to the kitchen to get another cup of tea to return just in time for the Junior Colosseum segment which was quite fun to watch, especially the one pose quiz where they had to guess Johnny’s songs from one one single dance pose which seems quite impossible but as it turned out it’s not.

Hey!Say!JUMP talk and medley, yay! They talked about Yuto’s drumming skills, and Yuto showed them off at the beginning of the medley. Very nice indeed. Even if he won’t marry me I still want him to play at my wedding. The rest of the medley was all right. Just two songs, Takaki’s Kumo no ito solo followed by Hitomi no Screen. I really liked this one for all the solo lines everyone got.

Download SC 2010-05-14 Hey!Say!JUMP Medley AVI / MP3

LOL at Daiki mimicking Yuto. ♥

Junior ni Q (download) had Ootsuka, Noeru, Jesse Luis, Fuma and Masuda, and it left me a bit confused because even though Jesse Luis has been around for like 65 years his voice still shows no sign of breaking.

Next was a two-song medley by all the b-list Juniors (no offense), i.e. Mis Snow Man, Kyomoto, Anderson and all the other usual suspects. It was all right, nothing out of the ordinary. However, since some of you might be interested, here’s the AVI and the MP3.

Anata ni otegami kakimashou (download) with Masuda Ryo and Takada Sho. Gay and cute as always (the segment I mean, not necessarily the boys, although… uh, never mind). Anyway, Takada has a very sexy speaking voice, and for some reason I can’t seem to warm up to anybody with the name Masuda.

The ending song was Anniversary, very nice, starring everybody except the chibis…

Download: SC 2010-05-14 ED – Anniversary AVI / MP3

Note : Sorry can't show video....
I very very sorry...


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