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TransLate MyoJo July 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke NYC"

Yamada Ryosuke

I want to become a ninja and play with animals

When I was little, my friends and I made a secret hideout in a deserted field. We even hid money there! There was a, “Pay 10yen 10 cents to enter” rule so there obviously was money in the hideout. When the money hit a certain point, we would go out and buy candy. But one day when we went back, there was a sign that said, “This is a town with civilians. Please remove this building.” The hideout became so huge that the neighbors thought that there was somebody living there (laughs). When there were tornadoes, it didn’t collapse so it was pretty sturdy! We would buy waterproof sheets to cover the hideout so that it wouldn’t get wet. We did write, “Secret Hideout” in front of it, but I guess the adults never saw that…

I love watching this TV show called, “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen” and I watch it every week. If I were to become a ninja, I would ninja into the studio and watch the animals live! There was one time when I was guest, and that time I cuddled a sloth and it was really fun. Ninjas might actually not be bad people Ah, but if it’s possible, I would rather appear as “Yamada Ryosuke” on the show (laughs).

My admired talent is archery! … it’s a joke, but I would want to do it something. At a concert, I would be standing far away and then all of a sudden an arrow comes out of nowhere, wouldn’t that be cool!? For example, Keito has guitar, Yuto-kun has the drums.. everybody has a talent. I’m the only one left! I finally realized that and I want to start something new. But if I were to do it, I would be so happy that I would do it right away and show everybody (laughs).

from : Itsumademo

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