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[TransLate] Best Stage Aug 2010 "Yabu Kota Part"

This is the second time we're doing "Summary" but this time, I think we can add a new fresh feeling to it. "Travel around the world" is this year's theme, and during the show we'll show all kinds of different colors from the countries. Not a single scene is the same as the other. Singing, dancing and of course flying. Of course, that's good right? (laughs) Flying is because "Summary" is in a mast right?
I also have a water act and I'll get soaked by a water fountain. I'll be like "BAN!" And the fountain will be like "BAA!!!" And "ZAA" (Don't blame me, this is what it says. I guess he's trying to visualize the act for the readers.) It will be something like this (laughs). 'This year I want to do a wet dance,' is what I thought. The children also went along with it, so it's a hopeful scene.
The number of days we have to perform is quite a lot. I think this is a challenge for us to keep motivated.
During the musical "She Loves Me" I was was anxious but still willing to do it, including ad-lips, every performance I could try something different, it became fun and eventually it was something that happened unnoticed. (He got used to it.) First, having fun yourself is very important. This time too, I'll try my best.

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