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[TransLate] Wai Wai Hey!Say!JUMP "Nakajima Yuto Part"

1) What's your favourite moment in WaiWai Hey!Say!JUMP?
I somehow like all the scenes in which Chii appears. Because he's small and cute he's perfect with everything he does. It makes me jealous! I want to cause some troubles occasionally and to be the one who makes people laugh in the manga, too.
2) If you had a girlfriend what kind of person would it be?
A person with the same values with me. Treasuring your family, exchanging the greetings properly are things that are important for me and I suppose that it will be good if my girlfriend treasures them too. The ideal place to meet her, huh?.. While walking a dog our dogs will get friendly and then their owners too... It would be a good development (in relatonship), I guess? (laughs)
3) If it's a date where would you like to go to?
Sea! It'll be a good decision to go swimming if it's summer, or, maybe, when I become an adult I'll drive a girl there and it'll be good too if the two of us can talk about different things there enjoying the night view of the sea... Well, to tell the truth, I like making noise a lot, so, even when I become a grown-up we'll go to an amusement park after all!
4) What's the place you think the most about?
A forest. A long time ago me and my friend made there a secret base. We were Tarzan playing, chasing after wild rabbits. We also gathered a lot of bamboo shoots and raspberries, so it seemed to be a dream-like place for children, right?
5) What present you've received from other members made you the happiest?
The thing I've received for my birthday from Keito, it's a speaker for a portable music player. Since I wanted it, I was happy to receive it. When I listen to the music in my room I always use it!

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