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[TransLate] Yamadas in DUET Sep 2010 "Yamada Ryosuke"

Yama-chan's Keyword Encyclopedia [yamadas]

Following on from last month's entries, "Family situation - Father & Mother", this month Yamada is talking about the topics "Big sister, Little sister, Beloved pet dogs"! And this month's cosplay is an animal costume! Even if he growls with a loud "Roar!!" it's just adorable and not scary at all.

【Big Sister】 My big sister is 2 years older than me. She's already 19, but just recently I've suddenly started to think she seems grown up. Even the way she does her make up is totally different than it always used to be. I guess it must be because she's started working? At the moment, she's working as a shop assisstant. Sometimes I go and have a peek in on her. When I do, I hear her trying her best to greet customers by saying "irasshaimase!" way louder than her usual voice. Just from seeing that, knowing she doesn't normally sound like that, I can't help holding my stomach and laughing. Then I sneak over to her and ask "Excuse me, where can I find the OO?", and she's like "Oh, it's right over th...Oiiii, Ryosukeeee." (laugh). We've got that kind of relationship now, but around the time when I was in kindergarten we'd have physical fights. Once, when my sister grabbed hold of a plastic baseball bat, I thought she was a demon for real. She whacked my head with the handle of the bat until I surrendered. I can't forget that. (laugh) These days we just quarrel with her calling me names like "shorty" or "fatty", without having proper fights. But, Neechan, how about quitting that too? Because you're an adult. And not only that; you're my big sister, so you should show me more love! Aren't I the only cute little brother you've got!? Do you understand!!

【Little Sister】 My little sister is a tough kid. Just like our mother, she's boyish. She has a sharp tongue, and she'll say whatever she wants really straight-forwardly. But she's not just tough that way - She also has the strength to overcome all kinds of obstacles and difficulties, and I know it. So even though she's my younger sister, there's part of her I respect. But when she speaks harshly to our big sister things heat up, and the things she says can echo in your mind. So just... after all, don't you sometimes say words that are a bit too intense? (laugh) I'm your big brother, so I want to be loving towards you, and in reality I'm just trying to be affectionate, but you're endangering my "Position as the Big Brother" with your cutting words. It's no good, so please quit that. (laugh) But underneath that tough exterior, there's actually an extremely kind person. I won't forget the times when I've been worn out from being so busy and she left a messege for me in my room. Besides that.... Oh yeah. If I'm talking about my little sister, this is something I have to mention. My little sister, her drawing skills are outstanding. She's so good that it was left to her to draw the pictures for the pamphlets for her school's sports event and culture festival. That talent really makes me think "Amazing".

【Kuu & Cookie】 Our 2 beloved pet dogs are the best~♪ They're so cute! Kuu is a toy poodle. I tickle her all the time. When I tickle her back she seems like she can't stand it, and I don't know why she gets angry. But she's so cute when she does that, I can't help myself and I keep doing it. I'm sorry, Kuu. (laugh) I understand that I shouldn't do it too much! Reminds me, the other day I was in a stupid mood and being weird. I started singing "Pierre, Pierre~ Pi Pi Pierre~~♪" while cuddling Kuu and rocking her like a baby in a cradle. She growled and bit my finger. It was painful and scary, so I won't do the "Pierre♪" thing ever again. No matter how cute it is, I better stop being annoying (bitter laugh). Our other dog, Cookie, is a chihuahua. There's just one thing I want to say to Cookie. Don't just stare at anybody's stomach!

cd : Pamela

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