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Chinen Yuri fell in Summary Concert

This is very sad news for all fans Chinen Yuri ......

T ~ T. ....


SUMMARY concert was held starting on July 19.

Hey! Say! JUMP is the artist who held a concert. and yesterday, (July 20, 2010) was the second day of their concert.

began to sing songs. Chinen's turn as a solo song sung in a swing fly. please note: there was a swing of more than 5 meters! and without the use of safety devices, Chinen clinging to the rope swing.

Remember when Chinen angels singing voice? and when they do, and Ryutaro Yamada was a dancer under Chinen. Chinen but suddenly lost concentration and fell off the swing! he fell at the height of five feet more!

Yamada immediately screamed hysterically and ran toward Chinen fall. Yamada incessant shouting "Chinen Daijobu ka ??!!" ("Are you okay?"). Yamada then sobbed. (At that time, the microphone was still attached to his neck, so the fans are clearly heard the shouts and cries from Yamada)

the crew immediately took over. Yuya Yabu and directly guide the fans who looked worried and began to cry. atmosphere of panic. Chinen but then got up and smiled, "I'm sorry that negligent. forgive me everything. pestle do not intend to fall ....". from the bleachers, started the shouts of encouragement to Chinen. "Chinen! Ganbatte!"

but, still, Yamada, Chinen closest friends, still looks stiff, shock and tears still flowed.

not long ago about two o'clock in the morning. Yamada and Chinen online together in a social network. Chinen expressed his apology for making fans are disappointed and worried. while, Yamada expressed his concern for Chinen, and he was still crying thinking about it. They both could not sleep, though there is still a concert tomorrow SUMMARY. Chinen said his head still a little dizzy. (I'm right-launderer worried when he said this).

Yamada issuing status:
高 から 知念 秋 スイング .. 私 も 落ちた. 私 は ファン の 前 で の コンサート で 泣い て いた 高い フライングスイング から ..., 実際 に 知念 秋 (Furaingusuingu = flaying Swing)
(Chinen fell from a high swing .. I fell. I cried in front of fans at a concert ... from high Furaingusuingu, really fell Chinen (Furaingusuingu = swing flaying))

then, on Yamada status, Chinen comment.

The following are excerpts from the statement of Chinen:

私 は 本当に 気分 が 悪い (I was not feeling well)
残念 ファン は, 私 は 落ちる こと を 意味 しません でした (sorry fans, I do not mean to fall)
正直 に 言う と, 我 々 は コンサート の 準備 が でき て いない, 私 たち は 何 が 起きる か が 怖い, 今日 のコンサートは, 私 たち は 良く なる, 私 は 思う (Honestly, we were not ready for the concert, we afraid of what happened, the concert today, we become better, I think)

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  1. Anonim mengatakan...:

    itu beneran kejadian ato cma fanfic

  1. Candace mengatakan...:

    'cuse me but is this report real?^^ 'cause I've searched on Google for all the reports about SUMMARY 2010 but all I got is that both Yamada and Chinen failed in their circus performances and Yamada cried at the end of the concert... Not any other reports I've founded were in detail like this. Don't take me wrong, I'm an insane YamaChii's fan and I felt extremely happy when I read this but after I searched for other reports, I still want to make sure about this^^. Could you give me a sureness or the original link to this post of the source?^^ Sorry for bothering.

  1. urm... is this scene include in dvd? or got any video? c0z i wanna watch it... pretty please :)

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