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[TransLate] BEST STAGE Sep 2010 "Yamada Ryoruke Part"

Yamada Ryosuke

I am very happy to participate in SUMMARY.
When we have decided on the SUMMARY tour, i started to work out and not to eat anything after 6pm, and i lost 2.5kg in a month.

It was the first SUMMARY 2 years ago, and we were quite miserable, however this time we would like to perform something with quality, and we have also set a target, thinking step by step, and get all the practices done. Dances, entertainments and every other things, we would like you to see something different from the previous one.

Even though I am afraid of height, but I presonally would like to challenge walking on the rope. Initially the height is 50cm, but I also have to spent 30 minutes to finish 3meter walk. There isn't only sound in the hall, and I have to cross the fountain as well, it is very hard to focus during that time, but I will still work hard and not to fall down!

The stage is designed to target the young crowds, so it is very hard to give opinions on it in general. However, regardless in what form, to ensure everyone enjoyed the show, we will try our best, put in the full emotions as well for the show. Just because of this, I hope everyone can enjoy this world with us.

cd : Lisaang91

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