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[TransLate] Wink Up August 2010 "Hey!Say!7 Talk"

You know, where? In the under of bed!

Yuuto: Today’s conversation, we use album title as the theme, it is “the NO 1 thing that each member can do”…..

Keito: Chinen’s NO 1 thing is he can sleep in everywhere, it’s really great.

Chinen: Yes. Maybe I have self-confidence in that thing. How if I can sleep here while talking?

Ryutaro: If you can do that, it’s really great.

Chinen: Generally, I think I can do it (laugh)

Keito: In previous time, when we were together in an area, because I have to take a bath, so I let Chinen alone in room, but when I was finished, there isn’t Chinen in room. But because it has been late at that time, I don’t think he went to other rooms, and since I don’t hear the voice of opening door, so I certainly sure that he was still in the room. Then, I try to looking for him in many places in the room.

Yamada: Eh, he was still in the room?

Keito: you know, where? In the under of bed! (laugh)

All: Really!?

Keito: When he heard I said, “What are you doing here?”, he just answered “I’m sleeping here!” (laugh).

Yuuto: There’s game where we have to hide from enemy. Maybe he just got addicted with that game (laugh).

Chinen: No, I just sleep there accidentally.

Yamada: If you always sleep like that, it would become a problem (laugh)

Ryutaro: Moreover, I think normal person never do that even though it’s “accidentally” (laugh)

Yuuto: But if we talk about Chinen, he surely has weird way of sleep. He usually sleep while sitting in chair, he was slept in the massage chair too…Well, seems it has become his habit, he was ever slept in Inoo Kei-chan’s lap too (laugh).

Chinen: Ah, it has been passed some years! I was slept, I was slept

Yamada: Inoo Kei-chan is looks like Futon (Japanese bed) for him (laugh)

Chinen: I have proper reason why I have weird posture of sleep. When I was child, I was asked to go to my sister’s gymnastic classroom, in the waiting time of her, I was slept in the warehouse-like room. There’s mattress that I can use for sleep in gymnastic, but I find a cylindrical thing that can roll round and round, when I try to make that thing to stand, I realize it’s like storage. There’s crevice in that storage, I try to enter through that crevice, then I was slept in stand position.

Yamada: Eh, really!? If you always do stupid thing such that, you would be smashed (laugh)!?

Keito: The people who don’t know about that would be scared if they find you there. It’s like Minomushi (bagworm), right?

Chinen: Yes, yes, yes. Surprisingly, it’s really comfortable.

Keito: I’m also can sleep in substitution place, but I just can’t sleep in room with total darkness.

Yamada: Recently, I can sleep even in total darkness!

Chinen: Yama-chan has grew a lot. Before this, you always said, “Please don’t turn off the light…munya munya munya (muttering)” (laugh).

Your heart is not pure~ there must be an evil in your heart!

Yuuto: If I was in hotel, I don’t like walking in the tawny lighting.

Yamada: Eh, talking about hotel? Well, I don’t like if there isn’t lighting. Moreover, ghosts would appear in the darkness.

Ryutaro: What’s that, he (Yamada) is really weird, right!

Yamada: Huh, shut up. I’m more mature than you!

Ryutaro: Huh, how can I admit that ~~. Moreover, I don’t believe with ghost!

Yamada: Your heart is not pure. Certainly, there’s an evil/ghost in your heart! Before this, when I played in friend’s house, there’s decoration thing that impossible to fall down, but when I got near to that decoration, it was fall down suddenly! That is ghost’s action absolutely!

Ryutaro: It must be just wind, right?

Yamada: ….The possibility of wind to make that decoration fall down is zero…

Chinen: Yamachan pushes Ryutaro (laugh). Somehow or others, I’m also believe with ghost, but practically, I’m never see it.

Keito: I’m also believe with ghost. If I die later, I won’t go to heaven immediately, but I will loiter in human world for a little while (laugh)

Yamada: You should frighten Ryutaro at that time!

Keito: If I can do that, it seems Yuuto would give good reaction too~. I would grasp his ankle suddenly (laugh)

Yuuto: It’s a curse, uwaa~~. Please rest in peace (laugh).

Yamada: For your information, if you come to my place, I will throw large quantity of salt to you (laugh) [note: Salt is believed Japanese to chase ghost away]! Ah, I know, Ryutaro’s place would be the No.1 place where ghost appear. Because he always does “impudent talk”!

All: Aaaa~

Ryutaro: I’m also agree with that thing (impudent talk). If you said something once, I will reply it 100 times (laugh)

Chinen: The good partner for Ryutaro to pick a quarrel is Yamachan in the first place, and for the second is maybe Keito. Then, recently, Hikaru-kun was involved too.

Yuuto: Because Hikaru-kun often bullying me, I have got accustomed with that. But if we think about that, Ryutaro’s impudent talk is emotionally attached with his personality proportionally, right?

Yamada: Uwaa~, it’s emotionally attached~~

Ryutaro: It-it’s not related with emotionally attached~~~!!!

Chinen: See, see, this pattern again (laugh). He always use “ignorance pattern” to me, so it’s really boring (laugh).

Keito: You’re right! Ryutaro is really genius when replying with “ignorance pattern”

Yuuto: The point, it seems Yamachan is settled as Ryutaro’s jar, so he always reply all Yamachan’s words (laugh).

Yamada: Crap! So, I’m a jar in Ryutaro’s mind?

Yuuto: Then, Ryutaro also never tell abusive language to Takaki-kun.

Ryutaro: It’s because I feel really angry with Yamachan (laugh)

Chinen: In olden days, when I was act to pretend kissing him (Ryutaro), he don’t like it and escaping from me (note: “ignorance pattern” if it isn’t Yamachan who disturb him)

Yamada: Because it’s Chinen. If I try to pretend kissing him, Ryutaro would try to set free himself with push my body (laugh).

Look, Keito is crying! It’s fine! Because of that, just cry as much as you want!

Chinen: Is there trial that you try to do? If we return to the topic NO 1, Keito’s “homework thing is NO 1”.

Yuuto: Really, he was studying well. Even thought in work place, he always does his homework well in break time.

Keito: My school is not give homework in small quantity.

Chinen: Even Keito often change dance coaching place to his home (laugh)

Ryutaro: Yes, yes. If I remember it well, he bring back DVD to his home so he can practice dance while do homework.

Keito: It because I’m still can’t memorize all dance steps, therefore I can’t follow others’ speed. I bring it to home so I can practice to memorize it.

Yamada: Then, Keito is crybaby NO 1!

Keito: I’m not crybaby~!

Yamada: The other days, I saw him crying! I, Daichan, Chinen, and Keito make appointment to meet, but he was become lost child at that time and then crying.

Ryutaro: Eh, really?

Keito: It’s not like that! It because they don’t explain properly, therefore I’m become look like a kindergarten pupil (laugh)! I try to search the meeting place, I push and push myself to dash here and there. I make everyone keep waiting for me, I think that’s really inexcusable…

Yuuto: Keito always makes me surprised with his kindness. Look, Keito is crying~! It’s fine! Because of that, just cry as much as you want!

Keito:…I’m not crying. Please stop to said tender things about me, it makes me want to cry like an elementary school student (laugh)!

Yuuto: Hahahaha, so it’s forbidden (laugh).

Yamada: Then, we just feel surprised and asked, “Eh, why you cry?”

Chinen: Yes. First of all, I will say “Please don’t cry” and try to makes him calm.

Keito: I already forget about that day (laugh). Yuuto’s No.1 thing is drum, right!

Chinen: No.1 rhythm.

Yamada: Aa~, he certainly can feel the rhythm well! It’s really great!

Yuuto: I don’t feel I can do that, is that true?

Yamada: Yes, yes. I am the person who can’t feel the rhythm well, but I think Yuuto-kun’s dance is always fit well with the rhythm, and it would become good.

Yuuto: Thank you! I feel happy!

Ryutaro: In order to feel the rhythm well, what are you doing?

Yuuto: Eh, I don’t do anything. Generally, I just try to beat the rhythm, maybe it’s the best way to practice.

As I expected, Ryutaro has become emotionally attached with Yama-chan

Ryutaro: Recently, the enthusiasm of JUMP’s band members with musical instrument has increasing.

Yamada: Yes, yes. When it has been started, I think the pattern “it would be stop after the concert finished” would happened..(laugh). But I feel envy. You can enchanted with new thing in concert, I hope I can do such corner too in concert.

Yuuto: Recently, we aim to become great artist like foreign artist, so we want to increase our level. We have to start to practice, so we can sense those great people, I think we would grow even though little by little to reach them.

Ryutaro: Well then, please let me join

Chinen: Ryutaro, what musical instrument that you can play?

Ryutaro: Triangle (laugh)

Yuuto: It placed across the drum, the only one percussion, because I beat it when interval time (laugh).

Ryutaro: Well then, I will beat it from the back.

Keito: That’s lonely feeling (laugh).

Chinen: Band’s members are playing in front of stage in the basking of illumination, but only Ryutaro who play triangle in the back, in the dark place of stage (laugh).

Ryutaro: I don’t hate such condition, so that’s still good (laugh)

Yuuto: Chinen can play guitar.

Chinen: It can’t be said that I have been able to play that. I just touch that…. Yama-chan is struggling to learn saxophone.

Yamada: My older sister can play trumpet, there are two trumpets in my home. Then, there is saxophone in home too, I choose to learn saxophone.

Keito: It still warm since you’re still on the way of learn it

Yamada: Yes. But I’m still can’t blow the saxophone while see the music score.

Yuuto: When we play Jazz music, Yama-chan can join with your saxophone, it would be a great blessing if we can extend the genre. Do your best in practice!

Yamada: Okay. I will do that!

Ryutaro: You can blow the trumpet alone in above of cliff.

Yamada: Why I have to play trumpet in above of cliff! But it’s better than you who just stand in the back of stage with your triangle (laugh)!

Chinen: As I expected, Ryutaro has become emotionally attached with Yama-chan. Their way of attaching is “they would be act unkind with someone that they like, elementary school student-ish” system (laugh). (note: it’s mean, Ryutaro’s way of liking Yamachan is acted unkind to Yamachan)

Keito: Yama-chan’s No.1 thing is….

Yuuto: That is…of course dance, right! Yama-chan’s dance is really good, his style is so cool. Yama-chan’s sense of dance arranging is good.

Keito: Yes. It’s like he becomes my example.

Yamada: I feel shy (laugh).

Ryutaro: I remember you ever said that you always practice dance in home for 3 hours every day when we was in Junior. Doesn’t it work?

Yamada: Maybe it does…but why you have to see above when you said that (laugh)? (note Ryutaro seems not admit Yama-chan’s skill)

Ryutaro: Because that is my characteristic.

Keito: Usually, the surrounding people who said “It’s because your characteristics”, there isn’t people who said that by themselves (laugh). But it’s true that Yama-chan’s dance is good. I admire with his ability.

Yamada: I guess you’re too praise me, I confess that I ever forgot to dance well once a while (laugh)

Yuuto: Ah, I ever see that with my eyes! I think it’s because you rest from practice (laugh)

Yamada: No, it’s not like that, the truth is I just escape from that. I ever did that when do dance [Mayonaka no Shadow Boy], at the moment, it’s useless for my head to think. It’s like I think “Eh, what’s the next step?”

Ryutaro: Fyuu…in fact, you’re still some way to go before perfect (just after said this underestimate words, he is dashing and escaping from Yamada)

Yamada: Oi! Wait me! (trying to catch up Ryutaro)

Chinen: Well, in the end, the situation become like this pattern. Generally, I guess everyone has predicted this (laugh)

Yuuto: You’re right. Well then, all members of No.1 part have been revealed, but today’s conversation must be end with weird ending (laugh)!

cd : Chinen's age coming

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