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que toech.... C.orng anagh yg suki bgt dgn JaPan.... t.utma Lgoe".a.... My Group Idol is Hey!Say!JUMP......

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[TransLate] Duet + Wink Up Aug 2010 "Arioka Daiki"



Fashion n°1
The real summer style is a t-shirt, cargo pants, snickers, a cap and headphones. During summer it's of course one t-shirt. But with half sleeves, wrists get lonely so you must wear a watch.

Book n°1
A manga about two astronaut brothers which is interesting. When you hear "space" you have this impression it's complicated but it's easy to read, there are funny moments and also emotions so it's really good. It changed my view on astronauts.

Movie n°1
The latest one I saw and that was good was Moon. It's about a man who's doing his job alone on the moon and whose only company is a robot. This robot is cute. There are thrilling and exciting scenes but also funny and moving scenes ; it was better than I expected.

Time n°1
When I manage to wake up early, I'm happy (laughs) The tension is high and it's refreshing. Maybe the moment when the sunlight spreads in the blue sky around 7am is the best~ Shut upー! It happened !

Place n°1
On the roof rising from my bow window of my room. From there I can see a tree shaped like Totoro.

Play n°1
Pranks. Stupid things like putting some glue on the bag of someone.

Number n°1
21. It's not that I like it but it naturally comes when I must say a number. When I play bingo I always put 21.

Word n°1
"Gamushara" (= reckless) I like the sound of this word.

Special skill n°1
The loudness of my voice when I laugh ! When it gets more and more funny, my voice gets louder~

Dai-Chan Big Chance Talk

Theme : Katori Shingo

When did I start admiring Shingo-kun...? I remember dancing on SMAP's song "SHAKE" in the playgroud when I was in kindergarten. I already knew him then. And then, Shingo mama was popular and when Shingo-kun caught the heart of every child in Japan, my heart was also caught (laughs) I also love his drama Toumei Ningen. In the drama he could take a pill and become invisible and I often imitated the story to play. I'd take a gum to become invisible and then jump out of a closet. Don't you wonder why from a closet ? Even I don't understand (laughs)
I don't have many occasions to meet Shingo-kun but last year I met him twice on TV stations and I went to greet him alone. I was really nervous. Really tense. But he said "Arioka Daiki from Hey! Say! JUMP !!!" and shake hands with me and I was like "Oooh~ ♪". I was really happy !!
Two years ago all member of SMAP except Nakai-kun came to see "SUMMARY" and it's also an important memory for me. When I'm talking about Shingo-kun I must always be patient/control myself. "I know more about Shingo-kun than Dai-chan right~" THIS is so irritating ! (laughs)

Wink Up....


About the song "Time"

This song is the one with a quick tempo dance. There are more songs that we composed ourselves [in this album] and If I had to say which atmosphere this song has, maybe a cool one. And the lyrics are really good.

cd : Itsumademo

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